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No Smoking Day
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Day 23

Nothing to report really, still not smoking, I'm very tired, can't sleep in the hotel's bed, it's either too hot with the duvet or too cold with just the sheet. My flu is not getting any better, my body aches! I'm missing my bed now, I wish I could just go home! Otherwise fine, I didn't smoke yesterday and I have no plan to smoke today either.hope everyone has a great day!

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Mmaya..Sorry to hear that the flu is still bothering.

While you there in the North is feeling winter we down south are burning....Very hot and reached 46⁰ C yesterday.

Today up to 44⁰ C @ 12 pm but that is almost the average for October.

Stay strong and enjoy your day and yes I agree hotel beds is horrible !


46?! Where are you Hercu? Defo not the same country as me lol, yesterday was cold enough here and we were not ready for it (no clothes) had to go shopping because we only had sandals and shorts, today was like a summer's day...but not 46 degrees!


Hey! Remember me??

I'm still here smoke free, had a busy few days is all.

Glad to see we're still al together.

Feel like crap today but hey ho still going strong.


Well done K... and I wonder if it is not the smokers flu they talk about.. I don't know ?


Hey Hercu, smoker's flu or not... Fact is, I am really sick, brought my kids to a massive Park today but hardly can walk...I'm really bad! Jaysus, make this stop! I want to run, mess around, play, have fun, I'm sick of being sick! K. Great to see ya around


Keep that chin up Maya, week 3 is a shocker as we know.... Just get those blinkers on and head towards the finish line.... (day 28) hope you perk up real soon,lots of honey and lemon tea take care x


Rubbish day for me too Donna, must be one of those days! Still long way for me to go to sleep, have to go through another 5 hours of entertaining people that I don't even like!


I didn't realise you had the flu Mmaya - you must have caught it from me. Mine's gone now (fingers crossed) but you have my sympathy. Such a shame you had to get it now though while you're away.

Glad the quit's going well and I hope you manage to get a good night's sleep tonight.

I think a few of us on here seem to be having a hard time at the moment - must be the week for it.

Hope you're feeling a bit better tomorrow and that you have a better day than today. Keep smiling.:)


Yes linda, I've been dying with the flu since last week, it looks more like sinusitis than flu actually. Runny nose, I swear... Another blow and the nose will fall out! Lol hopefully it will get better soon. Linda although I'm having a rubbish week, I would like to make one statement that might give some hope to you and others in here...I do not want to smoke at all, it's still early to say but I think this is it for me, no more smokes


It's good to hear you sounding so positive Mmaya and I think you'll go all the way this time.

I don't ever want to smoke again but for some reason I've found it hard work over the past few days. I think my heart's got the picture but I'm still trying to convince my head. It's been 5 weeks for me now and I expected this to happen as I've had plenty of practice at quitting. This is not going to be another one of my trial runs - I've had enough of them.

I'm not making a big deal out of this quit, honestly I'm not, but I wish to God I'd never started smoking all those years ago. I don't know what possessed me!


I know, I'm the exact same. The difference between last times and this time is that any other time I'm trying to control myself, this time I'm not, I'm just walking away from the situation, I am actually really enjoying doing it, this might be my new me! Next week when depression and sadness kicks in. I'm going to call in sick, and I'm going to enjoy the death of my best friend, I'm going to cry and sob, I'm going to the service,the funeral and the mass afterwards, but I am not going to fight it. I've tried to fight it before and lost, not doing it again. It is a all new approach for me, I didn't read abt this, I made it up based on so many failures.


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