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Day 7: One Week Smoke-Free!

Well, I've made it to day 7. I can hardley believe it: a whole week smoke-free! My FIRST EVER week smoke-free! :)

I went Xmas shopping today. What a nightmare! I had to walk most the way home when I was finished -- the busses were packed! I was stressed big time. But, and here's the odd thing, I didn't want to smoke. That surprised me. Don't get me wrong: I did fancy the odd ciggy now and then, but I didn't crave one.

In fact, I'm started to like the new way in which my lungs have started to work (i.e. properly!) It's so strange being able to walk around without sounding like a traction-engine, and being able the lay on my back without whistling like a kettle! When I take a deep breath and blow out really hard, there's no sound at all! I used too much pepper on my dinner today, and it made me cough. But, instead of the great-big crackling and hacking cough I'm used to, out came a little girlie 'oh-deery-me' kinda cough! It was wierd. And it made me laugh! :D

I'm not naive enough to think that my lungs are making a super-fast recovery, but something's certainly happening. And they already FEEL a LOT better already.

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Well Done Legs Eleven....week one done and gone. Massive congrats. And yes the lungs will carry on clearing crap for a long while yet. I've quit for a couple of months now and still have gunk coming up (but not as regularly). After 2 months my breathing is wonderful...I couldn't imagine I'd ever feel so much better, but I do. It will just feel better and better, so well done you and here's to your new pink lungs!

Lisa x


Well done!

We fight agonizingly HARD for those first few hours, days... then we can finally say: "One week!". Take a look at your hands - no nicotine stains. The whites of your eyes are now... white. Your skin is losing that yellow, smoky muddy colour.

I can't believe how quickly the positive changes add up.


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