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7 smoke free weeks!!!


Today marks week 7 for me, now into week 8!!!

Still can't really believe it, the positives are:-

i can breathe better,

my body moves easier,

no morning cough

whiter teeth (at last)

skin and eyes look better (even with spots!!|)

i don't stink

no yellow fingers

should have more money (tho can't find it!!:D )

feel tons more confident

don't feel like a social outcast!!!

Generally feeling good.

Though writing this list to reinforce my confidence and not become complacent.

I love being a non-smoker but the mind games still happen. My sister came over the other night and went outside for a cig, and it actually flashed through my mind 'what if i had one'

EH - WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? I have NO desire to smoke, but still the thoughts linger SCARY EVIL MONSTER that Mr Nicotene.

Anyway, i'm off out man chasing with 3 smoker friends tonight and i'm hoping while they go off outside for a smoke i'll be chatted up by all the lovely non smoking men. (If they pull while outside smoking - then life really isn't fair).

Soo close to 2 months and growing stronger every day!

Have a fab smoke free weekend everyone - stay strong!!:D

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Hello you,

have a fab weekend and hope you get to chase lots and lots of yummy smokefree men. I'm sure the more confident, beautiful smelling, fresh-faced you will be fighting them off!


Well Done !!

Well Done Chocobunny !! What a fantastic achievement !

You deserve to pull just for being so strong. What man could resist?!?!?

You'll be beating them off with a sh***y stick !!!!

Have a fabulous smoke free weekend !!


You'll be beating them off with a sh***y stick !!!!

Wouldn't that defeat the object of chasing them in the first place??!;)

Thanks guys - have a great weekend :D

That's fantastic CONGRATULATIONS

Hope you have a successful evening chasing and that you get first prize :D you sure deserve it :)

Have lots of fun



Wow lucky you choco have a great evening out with the smelly girls and bag the booty - and remember to tell us all the juicy details over the weekend. Think of us smug marrieds hosting kids sleepovers with only a bottle of red for company and a trashy mag. Will maybe have an early night and imagine I am out with you pulling yummy boys.

Know you can do it and don't let alcohol, smoking friends and ultimately evil mr nicotine be an excuse for a slip up. You're stronger than that!

Wouldn't that defeat the object of chasing them in the first place??!;)

Thanks guys - have a great weekend :D

Yey choco - way to go girlie - 7 weeks!!! Give us all the goss (well whatever's legally printable) tomorrow!!







1176 HOURS


Look at you go girl!!dgrin.com/images/smilies/ch...


Well done lovely and just you keep in there - bet your hair smells nice and all the men will go mad if you put some impulse on cos they'll be able to smell it - the flowers will come pouring in!!!

Big Huggs for you


Thanks everyone for your lovely posts.

My girlfriends absolutely stunk of cigs!!! In previous quits i used to quite like the smell of cigs, but now it actually makes me feel a bit sick.

I started out at my sisters house and she smokes, i was so paranoid of smelling of cigs, but eventually thought, she'll stink more than me!

I stayed strong, not even tempted, been with sis all day today and still not tempted, it smells soooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!

Anyway, severe drought on the man front last night, so off out again tonight to search again :p :p :p

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

Oooooo Chocco get that lippy gloss on, do that lovely hair of yours and stick on some cool gear and strut your stuff!!

You'll get those guys running after you just you wait and see.........it may even be like the milk tray advert - do you remember that - I think that would be cool having a milk tray man!!

The thing is babe is that you look and smell so much better since quitting and feel so much better inside that it radiates out - so if you find a nice guy great - if you don't get on that dance floor and boogy on down - and if the scissor sisters are on do a boogy for me!!

Big Hugs Lovely


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