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10th Week, day 7: Patch free.


well it was the start of the weekend, and this morning i got the box which contained my last patch, and stopped in my tracks. figured.. i need to stop these now the same way i stopped smoking. Just stop using them and not look back.

So i've put the box of 1 * 7mg patch away and began my nicotine free part of the quit as of this morning first thing.

Figured its the weekend, i'm not at work.. no stress and things are great so no time like the present.

Hope everyone else is ok, and keeping the faith.


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great decision Jase - you are in a good place right now so its a perfect time to move on and say good bye to the patches.

your gonna be feeling great i think when your body is all your own again and you can be totally free to live unaided by anything you dont really need.

no more worrying if youve remembered to put it on or take it off or any of that anymore.

hope it goes well - youve got the good PMA about it so that's the best thing you can do :D

Hi Jase :D

That's great patch free and 11 weeks tomorow smoke free keep it going

I think this is the ideal time for you to ditch the patches as you have the weekend to come to get used to the last little bit of nicotine leaving the body before you have to go to work again

Well done you Big Hug coming your way


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Today's been just fine on the whole, got really tired earlier on so just had a nap to get rid of that.. fine now tho.. so yeah.. patch free is ok :)

yeah you probably will feel a little more tired over the next few days as nicotine is after all a stimulant.

lots of coffee should help! glad its gone well for you today. long may it continue all week. :D

oh and you'll have to update your signature now too :D

day 3 patch free.. all ok so far.

Hi Jase :D

Well done 3 days patch free is good onwards and upwards


Marg xxxxxx

Good for you Jase, I'm really pleased for you :D

Keep it up :D


Many congratulations Jase - you have done brilliantly!

jase - congratulations - into week 11 now fella!

youve done right good old chap. nothing else matters apart from maintatining this quit. your going through the final stage of hardship with this and you are nailing it. soon those patches will be a distant memory like the smokes are becoming and its just a case of holding it all together or being free to make the other changes we need after that.

well done mate. keep this going. you are right where you need to be right now. determined, on the right path and right at the front door of that 3 month stage - is so damn close ;)

on a ladder to the sun :)....


Have definitely been alot more tetchy than usual today and yesterday, but i am applying the 'early days principles and methods' to this bit now.. so i've treated today like my day 3, and tomorrow i'll treat as my day 4 again.. just a temporary measure but i think it will help me understand the moodswings a bit.

I'm feeding off the negatives, and turning them into positives though, i'm not having a bad time of it in fact, i'm really glad of this experience now of dealing with being quit with no feed of nicotine in any form at all.

Day 3 is now done. hello day 4.

How long is it again for nicotine to leave the body? 48 hours? 72 hours?

Well my nico-demon/monster is definitely beginning to feel it now, i'm gonna starve the beggar out now. He's nothing, life is everything.

72 hours, but i think the amount in the 7mg patches must be quite negligable. Is it still noticeable?

I have been on the 21mg patch for over a year (on and off) I know if i've been smoking for a a few days, theres three days where i'm still craving a bit despite the patch, so i'm imagining it's the same with each step down, three days of feeling just a bit off?

I had been slipping a lot again, but i've now been a non smoker for ten (yea, count 'em) days! Not been posting anywhere as got embarrassed to keep coming back to the day one folder, and slipping back down again! and i am gonna stay being one. I have finally realised i can never have another one - that was my prob you see, i was still holding onto some idea of being able to have one now and again. Not again.

I think part of it must be psychological. The 7mg patch must equate to how many fags?

I'm not sure how many the 7mg patch equalled, but i saw typed '5' in one reply recently and it seemed reasonable.

*a silent congrats on your 10th day, i hope you really get this off to a really good level so that you feel much happier about it.*

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