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One Year & 11 months

One Year and 11 months today, wow it’s actually a bit of a shock to the system J especially when you didn’t think you would make the 3 months mark, as usual I wasn’t going to post but the little bit of ego in me thought it would be a shame not to celebrate and let everyone who is at the start of their journey know how possible it is to eventually become a none smoker because that is exactly what I think I am now, no going back ever I hope.

I know it’s not an easy task to achieve but with the support of this forum I know there will be very few who will not manage it, I hope that everyone will be up there in the Penthouse in time and that they will never have to quit again, I actually like being a none smoker now, and yes there does come a time when you will not think about smoking, I promise.

Roll on Christmas Day, not for being quit 2 years but for the pressies :rolleyes:

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how fantastic is that?, what an achievement, im so chasing your heels!!!

my new mission is to be where you are and stop moaning bout the little steps lol.

this forum is fantastic and helps us know it is achievable so thank you for posting and deserve the boasting huge admiration and cele hugs ((((((((((())))))))))))

never quit quitting



:D:D:D Well done Jamangie I bet you feel proud. Congrats and thanks for sharing your post with us all.


Quit: 14.11.11




your doing so well and a great inspiration to the newbies to stop and the oldies to keep going with there quit


Well done! What a fantastic achievement.

I am currently wondering how on earth I have made it to almost 10 weeks, I just hope like you I will one day reach 12months and onwards. Thanks for coming back and supporting us, these messages really help give me hope for my own future being smoke free in the long term :)


Wowee, well done Jamangie. I can't believe it has been almost 2 years. I just wish I had managed to keep that quit going as well then I would be where you are now :rolleyes:

Huge congrats to you hun.


G xxx


Hi Jammie

I remember reading your 1 year post last year thinking you must be mad giving up on Xmas day and how tough day 1 must have been.

Now however it seems the perfect time to celebrate your anniversary.....good on you, you deserve it your support for everyone is admirable. :cool:


A little bit of ego is hugely deserved. :D What a fantastic achievement! Really well done, and thanks for sharing. This forum is so much richer for being able to hear from those who have "cracked it" and not just those who are still struggling.



First off thanks to all of you who have taken the time to post on this thread, second off grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I thought I had mastered the art of multi quotes, but guess what I tried to multi quote every one and had just done Mrs T when oops I think I pressed the wrong button and they all disappeared, I know we are not supposed to swear but it has made me so bl**dy mad I think it was to do with all the smiley’s and I tried to get rid of some and it deleted the lot, including my attempts at replies.

Ok so I am sorry I cannot (no that’s a lie I could but now can’t be bothered LOL) to write to you all individually so thank you to you all for your good wishes.

I hope that you will all now continue on your own roads to being smoke free with ease.

It is sad to see some of those on here that really have struggled to get to where they are but I hope that they will be an inspiration to you all because being able to get back onto the no smoking thing again after a slip cannot be easy, so I am also glad I was lucky enough to not have to try again because I am sure I wouldn’t be strong enough to get there so don’t knock yourselves, if you have had a slip blip whatever you want to call it you are still heading in the right direction, and with the help of this forum and the excellent support you are sure to get you will get there, you know why? Because I did,

I know it’s an old cliché but seriously if I can quit then so can every person on here, so come on up to the penthouse and have a drink on Christmas Day to help me celebrate.

I am sure I am allowed to ask you all? and if I am not then I am sure someone will tell me LOL.


LMAO Una, my name is not Angie and I am not that keen on Jam, wish we could change names on this site when we realise we picked a stupid forum name.

Thats it I am off to do a post, maybe been done before but who care LOL


Very, very VERY well done jamagie.

I aspire to be where you are now, and as others have said before me its great that those of you who have stopped for a long time stay here to encourage those of us coming along behind you.

Thank you for all the supportive posts and for the example you set.

Lillie xx


Than you Lillie, I am sure with that type of attitude you will be one of the Penthouse dwellers this time next year, I know that state of mind helped me no end, I sat down every day and told my self that for that day I would not smoke, not that I had quit just that for the time being I chose to not light up, still works for me now, I just choose not to smoke no pressure and if I choose to smoke it will be tottally up to me no one else.

I hope your quit is going really well and that you want find the next few weeks to bad, if you do there is nothing better than coming on here and using your hands for a better use than puffing x


On Christmas day I'll officially be a penthouse resident anyway :) So I'll definitely be joining you in a glass or two!

Congratulations on a long and successful quit. Looooong may it continue! And thankyou for being such a great support to everyone on this forum.



Thats great we can sit and get blitzed together, I think there will be lots of new faces there by then so bring it on, I still find it hard to believe I made the year one let alone that xmas day it will be ***, not going to say it as I dont want to fluke it LOL I bet you are feeling better now you have hit that point, I think that the first 3 months are the sh*ttest and then it seemed to get easier for me, what about you?

Thanks for the post x


Congrats Jamangie. You supported me on my quit during the toughest times. Thank you. Hope you have the best Crimbo evvaah! :)


Almost 2 years for you Jammie! Good for you :)



Congrats Jamangie. You supported me on my quit during the toughest times. Thank you. Hope you have the best Crimbo evvaah! :)

Thanks Tao, its not easy as we all realise, so we have to be there for each other, and although its nearly *** years I still feel better knowing I have this place to come on and vent if I really need it, so far I have been pulled along by some great people on here who have been at it longer than me(quitting that is) and speak of the devil, there is one sitting beneath me now.

Almost 2 years for you Jammie! Good for you :)

Hi B so nice to see you on and thanks for the kindness you have always shown me, *** and counting.

Will say though that have just fallen Ar*e over ti* in the co-op car park when the trolley wheel caught on a sticky up bit of curb, banged shin and typing one handed as left hand swollen up grrrrrrr would have loved a fag but didnt just a passing thought LOL thanks again.


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