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one calendar month today :) & what I have learned


Yippee ! one calendar month for me today and feeling as chuffed as chuffed can be . A quick summary of the most important things I have learned so far on my quit journey

1. I can lead a perfectly normal life without smoking, day to day life continues even without ciggies

2. I cannot be complacent as having smoked for 27 years ( 3 yr quit in the middle) I will probably always have to overcome situations when a ciggie sounds like a great idea, but this will get easier with time

3. This forum has been instrumental in my quit, it has helped to keep me on the straight and narrow. Its been a pleasure to communicate with so many lovely and crazy people :D

4. Money saved in bucket loads, probably in the region on £200

5. One day at a time , any thoughts about smoking are not going to disappear overnight.

6. I know I am doing this for the very last time !

Have a great day everyone and thank you to all who contribute to the forum

Stay strong

Donna :)

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nonico7 Years Smoke Free


Congratulations Nonny - 1 month is great - I know you're over the worst. All of the lessons you've learned are great lessons, and eventually those words of wisdom will be absorbed into the sub-conscious. Once the sub-conscious grabs hold of your conscious thoughts then life as a non-smoker becomes even easier.

I think you've got the whole thing nailed - onward to the Penthouse :)

Brilliant Donna, great achievement and great observations too! Really helps to share sometimes, and for now - just bloomin well done brizzie babe :)

OHHHH YEEEEEES get in there

Donna 1 month get in so proud now lets just keep clocking them up :D:D:D:D

Thanks guys, really appreciate the support.

Hawkeye, glad to see a fellow Bristolian here... doing it for Brizzle ! :D

Getting my gladrags on now for a night out..meal and drinks with Mr Nonny and family .


Donna x :)

So true Donna, keep going it's just going to get easier & easier :)

Denise x

Enjoy your night out, you deserve it, the hardest part is over. Observations very similar to mine. :D

Well done on a month!!!!!

Hope you have a great night

Im from zummerzet by the way lol yeovil xxx

Thank you Kat, Denise, Jane & Chrissy.

I've had a fab smoke free night, food and wine tasted better than ever..

make sure you ladies have a great weekend

be good:D

Donna :)

Hi Donna, glad you ahd a great night last night. It is amazing as you say, how life goes on even without our ciggies, but we can't imagine that when we are hooked can we? We think we will never enjoy ourselves again. I think with the mindset you have this is going to be your final and forever quit! Well done and keep it going you are doing just great!:)

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