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Six Months & Counting

Hi all,

I quit on 3rd August 2009, so just completed 6 months.

Still get the occasional urge/feeling but not too hard to resist.

The last week I felt a bit "empty" but did not want a fag.

The shame if that 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high blood sugar & high cholesterol. I'm not saying for one minute that quitting caused them but all the tests done at the start of my quit were fine.

Has anyone had a similar experience please ?





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Hi Roger :D

CONGRATULATIONS ON 1/2 Year smoke free that's great


Marg xx


Can't say i've had similar experience like that, but with all the positives of being quit and free for 6 months+ i have had some concerning negatives which i've just had to deal with over time. The noticeable things like weight gain (32" waist to 36" waist) has probably worried me the most, but overriding all my concerns is the satisfaction i'm getting from being free of the addictions grasp.

Just follow advice form your doctors about how to lower that blood pressure and treat those things as just normal symptoms regardless of what might have kicked them off.

Worst thing you can do right now is worry as that will just heighten the negative effects of one of those symptoms, so just get a plan of action together of how you will deal with these symptoms to turn it around and you should be fine.

I plan to exercise in some way as soon as i can this year, its just one way of dealing with it..

Congrats on 6 months being quit, I know it can be quite disconcerting if you don't feel fantastic despite being quit from smoking, but i would much rather have these symptoms and deal with them than know in my head that every day and every hour i was allowing 4000 chemicals and poisons into my system to do untold damage at any point in my life.

Keep going and keep talking to the docs.



Congrats on the 6 months Roger, great achievement, as to the other can't say that I have, in fact everything has got better.

Has your diet changed tremendously, high blood pressure is most easily affected by salt intake. And salt is in ruddy everything.

Let us know how your getting on, there may be someone else experiencing the same thing along shortly.



Hi All,

Thanks for your responses.

As I said, I am not nesessarily blaming quitting for causing them, it was possible that smoking was masking them but they were not detected when I was tested at the start of my quit.

Things took another twist this week. I went to the doc (I feel I need a season ticket - LOL) on Tuesday as I had another sort of pain in my chest and back. He did an ECG and found I had suffered a mild heart attack somewhen in the last 10 years. he took a blood sample and I went back on Thursday and he told me the heart attack was not recent but it was impossible to teel when it happened in the last 10 years.

Again I am just wondering if anyone out there has had a similar experience please.

Stay strong & quitted,



Hi Roger...6 months .......thats fantastic:D....WELL DONE:D


Many congratulations Roger, six months is fantastic. Well done.

re. the heart attack, imagine how scared you'd feel if you found that out now and were still smoking!

Keep quit, it's the only way,

Lorraine :)


Congratulations on six months. I am nearly there. I have gained weight since quitting smoking and my doctor told me that is why my blood pressure is up. Makes sense. He said to cut out salt completely, read labels to check for salt and to watch the carbs. Onward and upward.......


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