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7 Months & Happy

Hi all thought I would celebrate my 7 Months of quit today by going on Holiday, hence the reason I am on so early, hope every ones quits are going smoothly and for any one who is struggling I hope things pick up for you and your quit becomes kinder to you.

All of you brilliant quitters on the forum have a good week and with any luck we will all get sunshine through the Day and night time showers.

Try and be as kind to each other as you would want others to be kind to you.

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Fantastic news

Well done Jamangie - what a star!

Keep strong and I'm catching you up :)


Take my hand and we are almost there

Jamangie well done girl reaching the 7 month marker and like every other quiter you deserve a nice holiday. As you know you are just a week behind me in our quit, So take my hand as we start to run towards Christmas and the Penthouse.

For any of the new start quiters who read this, Jamangie and myself were at your stage one time and we know what you are going through, but believe us when we say that it only gets easier,and we were long time smokers so don't give in to the nicomonster.

Jamangie talk to you soon and enjoy your break


Stopped: 18th December 2009 after 35 years smoking

How: CT



Congrats to you for 7 months excellent work and a track record of smokefree :)

Have a great week away and drive carefully. Mind those cyclists ;)

Pol x


Wow, well done you. Hope your holiday is special, you deserve it.



Wow, well done Jamangie :D

You have a brilliant, relaxing holiday :D

G x


7 months for you already, Jam! Well done! Thoughts of smoking are going to fade more and more and soon you'll have days you won't think of them at all! Glad to see you've come this far! Keep on trucking xx


Well done Jam

Have a grand holiday, catch you soon.



Hey, well done you...7 months is such an the penthouse doesn't look so far away now!!

Have a great holiday and keep smoke free xx


Woohoo....7 months and heres a gift to celebrate - nice new shiny goggles for your holiday.


Well Done on your 7 months, Jamangie and i hope you have great time on your hols. :D


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