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No Smoking Day
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One year and one month

Hi all

I have not been on this forum for a little while now but thought I would check back and see how everyone is doing and offer any words of wisdom if I can! :)

I have now been given up for 1 year, 1 month. I feel so much better for it and would say that I don't think about cigarettes 90% of the time. Obviously there is the odd occassion when I see someone spark up or get a whiff and think I want one but that passes.

Congratulations to all of you for doing such an amazing job and may we inspire many others to follow in our footsteps xxx

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Congrats, Hel :)

Bet you feel great to have got to a position were you've greatly reduced your thoughts of the dreaded weed. As time goes past you'll notice even that small percentage will become less and less.

You're an inspiration to many others :cool:


Very big congratulations!


Many Congratulations to you Hel :cool:

All the best with your continuing quit through your 2nd year and onwards.

Pol x


Well done, isn't it great to be a non-smoker?

Wishing you many more wonderful years.



Well done Hel, flipping heck you're nearly two years now.



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