Quitting is easy !!

This no-smoking lark is easy, I've not smoked for 75 days and besides the first 10-14 days it has been very easy.

Cold Turkey is the way forward - job done !! I'll never smoke again for any reason, its a trap, its an addiction and I wish I knew these facts 10 years ago.

This will be my last post until I get to the penthouse - Good Luck all !!

My final bit of advice is bin NRT and Champix - it just prelongs your addiction. Understand the addicition, understand your habbit and then beat it - EASY.

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  • Hey where you going buddy :confused:

    Glad you're feeling good but sad to see you won't be posting anymore :(


  • I just feel that this forum and you wonderful people have served your purpose at this stage.

    I personally feel that by visiting this forum on a daily basis reminds me of cigarettes and I would rather forget about them altogether - I will be back in 9 months time.

    Good luck to all !!

  • Best of luck Franco - but be warned. in 2001 I felt exactly like you. After 8 months it all suddenly started to seem very hard and after 10 moths I caved in. It took 10 years to try again.

    Remain vigilent is my advice.


  • Thanks Gtat,

    Great advice but I will not slip, I know that just one will see me smoking again, Its an addiction plain and simple.

    I will remain vigilant in every way, In the last 3 months I have been in situation after situation where I would smoke - even at a Poker table Saturday night with 7 friends smoking around me for 6 hours - I was wasted and had NO urge to smoke at all. (this is just one example)

    Now I understand the addiction, I understand WHY i smoked, I get it !! and it feels great, this is what life should be like.

    Good luck to you my friend, hopefullly you will still be using the forum 9th September 2012.


  • As someone who quit the same day and way as you, I'd have to say it's a good point about NRT maybe being more damage than help. But I guess there's a lot of people that have managed to quit using patches etc.

    It is right though that it's a question of mindset and understanding the addict thinking. Don't forget to keep your guard up though, just to be on the safe side!

    Take care and well done on 75 days today!


  • That is a coincidence, my first big test was playing poker with 9 mates, 7 of whom smoked, so I know what you mean.

    good luck

  • The arrogance of youth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think people have to do whats best for themselves

    i wouldnt be sat here today 10 and half months smoke free if i couldnt have used NRT i just needed it as a stepping stone till my mind was strong enough

    i would never have considered cold turkey i would still be a coughing stinky smoker if that was my only choice.

    yes if cold turkey is the route some poeple want to go, good for them if it works

    yes if people want champix, good for them if it works

    yes if people want patches/inhalator , good for them if it works

    at the end of the day not everyone is the same [boring world if we were]

    well done on finding your way to quit and being successfull

    see you in the penthouse


  • Well okay, NRT doesn't work for me, I will admit, as I have failed with it too many times, but it DOES work for others. There are many people on this forum who PROVE that, so good for them I say.

    And I am certainly NOT going to 'bin' my Champix, it doesn't contain nicotine, so how does it prolong withdrawal?? Using Champix is rather like a cold turkey withdrawal anyway, it isn't a magic pill unfortunately.

    NOBODY should say that cold turkey is the only way to quit, as if it was, many people would NOT quit.

    Thems my sentiments.


  • The arrogance of youth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Grumpie I bloody wish - i'm 51 years old!!:eek:


  • Sorry GTAT that was not directed towards you. :o

    Meant for Francob .... and if he does not have youth on his side, then it's just plain arrogance.:(

  • I didn't use my patches for long, just about 2 1/2 weeks, which was long enough for me to get the physical smoking habit out the way, and then I was able to work on the mental addiction.

  • I didn't use my patches for long, just about 2 1/2 weeks, which was long enough for me to get the physical smoking habit out the way, and then I was able to work on the mental addiction.

    exactly mine was a stepping stone and i needed that to be where i am now

  • Hey Grumpie - it's not arrogance with young people - it's ideology.

    My Dad used to say "if you're not a Communist when you're 18, you have no heart and if you're still a communist when you're 30 you have no brains"

    wish I was still a communist;)


  • Typical Francob

    I love ya Francob I really do...you left a shitstorm in your last ever post LOL! Haven't read a lot of your posts but you certainly like to be contraversial! (not that there's anything wrong in that, free speech and all that jazz!).

    Gonna miss you around matey...hope to clock you in your penthouse post. Good luck Francob! (Francob, Francob who's got a big gob!) :D (Only joking - all the best).

    Lisa x

  • I really hope it is that easy for you, i really do. I was quit a whole year and it grabbed me again. Best of luck to you in your continued quit.

  • Oh go on then - just one last post in response to Grumpie !!.

    I am 31 years old Grumpie - so not sure you can really say I am in my youth, depends if you are an older gentleman or not and I have smoked my whole adult life and tried numerous times to quit using NRT etc and didn’t make it past 5 days let alone 75 days.

    Cold Turkey worked for me, in fact I never think of smoking - the only time I do is when I visit this site which is why I have made the decision to leave it for a while. I don't care what anyone says and you can quote me " If you want to quit smoking, I mean really really really want to quit and you can understand the ADDICTION - ITS EASY"

    Perhaps as your name suggest you are just a Grumpie old man and whilst others offer their sound advice and sentiments of good luck you have to try and ruin my achievement so far.

    Maybe if you were more optimistic with your quit you wouldn’t be making comments like that.

    Mark my words, I will never smoke again and I’ll be back in 9 months’ time to shout from the rooftops.

    Take it easy all and good luck !!


  • Its obviously very easy to go cold turkey and beat the nico demon, if only we were all as fantastic as Francob.


  • Don't you forget it Jonny - Some people are just too weak ! (Ouch)

  • (Francob, Francob who's got a big gob!) :D

    ... more like Francob the kn....

    ...owitall :rolleyes:

  • Argh Dave - you feeling a bit down so you thought you would come and abuse someone on a forum ?

    Why don't you come and pay me a visit 32 Warren Close, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 3HW ? Then we will see who the knob is - knock on whenever you feel up to it.

  • Im now finding this all pretty sad:(

    OK so Francob thinks it easy, then good for him.

    Can the rest of us just get on with supporting each other. Francob is going and not coming back for 9 months so lets put all our energy into the people that want the support.

  • Fantastic point Moony !!

  • The thing is Francob Ive had 3 long quits the longest being 1 year and i really thought i had cracked it. I used to give all the spill about how i had broken my addiction blah blah but one day i let my guard down and wollop i was a smoker again. I hope that never happens to you.

    I need and want the support of this forum and I know that i must never think ive cracked it because you really dont know what the future holds.

  • Last post yesterday at 2.00 several more last posts today as well.

    Hmmm....can you play the bugle Francob?

    There is no need for aggression, if you want to go, good luck to you. The rest of us weak people (many of whom have thought they'd cracked this before) will carry on supporting eachother. I am sure I will post less as time goes by, but I will still post, if only to help others starting out as I have been over the last month or so. That seems a bit fairer than saying I have used this for my own ends and now don't need you any more. No wonder blokes get a bad name:eek:


  • francob...if you read my post you'll see I didn't actually call you a knob.

    You seem a little stressed...is it due to not smoking :confused: perhaps you do need us after all!!!

  • This is brilliant !! I've never seen so many people get wound up so quickly from one persons opinions and posts.

    You are making my afternoon much more fun, keep them coming folks, lol

  • I did notice that Dave, perhaps I should get checked out for Dyslexia. There has to be a forum for it on the web somewhere.

    Anyhow I must apologise Dave, if that counts for anything. So I am sorry !

  • Good luck Mark..

    (I'll call you a knob later once you're gone of course.. :D )

    Hope you see you in the penthouse 9th September next year!

  • wow :eek: im having to rest after reading all those posts

    has that cleared the air :confused:

    hope so each to there own at the end of the day

    well done Mark on staying so positive and seeing that your an addict and wont go down that road again and i can understand why you dont want to the reminders of being a smoker and not coming on here till you reach the penthouse as to the rest not sure who said that every one is different but wtf does it matter how we beat the nicorette demon as long as we stop we are all on the same side here at the end of the day dont go having slanging matches on here if anyone has a problem with another member then send them a private message didnt realise it was a jeremy kyle show :p

    plus we dont want to put people of from joining this wonderful forum remember we are all in the same boat ex addicts who with the aid of this forum and self choice manage to not smoke each and every day so come on play nicely life is too short to bare grudges

    onwards and upwards


  • Hear Hear, Carol.

    In short:

    Kudos to anyone not smoking, whether it's for five years, five months or five minutes. And however you get there, good for you.

    Good luck to you Francob. See you in the penthouse.


  • everything works diffo for diffo peeps, if we were all the same and it worked the same we would not be here in this forum.

    for me patches hi strength wk1, med strength wk2, low strength wk3 then cold turkey and whole way through fishermans friends.

    the main thing is be positive in mind and be positive in what will aid YOU as a person to get through this quit.

    good luck to all

    never quit quitting


  • ¡¡˥O˥ ǝɔıɹ uʍoɹq puɐ ǝɔɐǝԀ

    eoZ xx

  • Hee Hee Hee

    Whisper :-" Has he left yet?? Is it safe for Dave and I to come out again ?"

    Hee Hee Hee

  • zoe

    could you please explain that post

  • LOL! I wish there was a like button...this thread is manic!!!

    Hats off to francob...now that's what I call an exit.

    Nobody means it peeps...just a load of joshing ;)

    Lisa x

  • could you please explain that post

    Sorry pfaber, think I just meant 'peace on earth and goodwill to all men', and like Carol said, play nicely :D


  • Wow, of all the places I thought I'd see the internet hardman routine this was not it!

    I kinda know what he's saying, but i have also had 3-4 month quits fall apart. Hopefully it goes well for the lad though. If you're reading this Francob see you on the other side of the 1 year mark :cool:

  • Tropical...like your name....you make me smile

    Internet hardman routine....LOL! But I too from the bottom of my heart want to see francob in the penthouse. Anyone wanna bet? I bet you 10 virtual pounds he'll do it!


  • I can't believe how many posts this has generated:confused:

    ..and Lisa I wouldn't take that bet. I reckon he'll be there.

    I kind of know what he means (or meant:D), it just seemed a bit " I'm alright Jack"

    (:uʍop ǝpısdn ƃuıʇıɹʍ ǝʞıl op I puɐ˙˙˙


  • heehee. Thanks Lisa ;)

    Come on then folks, who else google mapped his house? Surely not just me :(

  • Ha Ha - tropical - I did - and I streetviewed:eek:

    but my excuse is I live about 5 miles away:D

  • Ha ... and I live 8.1 miles away ;)

  • I thought you were in the cellar

    I'm in Stroud

  • This thread is like a random night out in the pub that isn't planned and turns out to be piss funny.

  • Gatat of Stroud ... It's a large cellar ;)

    I'm twixt Tewkesbury & Chelt.

  • Here's a good night in the pub

  • PMSL - I googlemapped it too! Nice display of shrubs, francob. Just don't smoke any of them :D

  • I live 3.1 miles away!

    WOOOOOOO, do i win a prize for being the closest?

  • You're all bonkers do you know that? Glad that I live safe distance away...:D

    Hope to see you all in the Penthouse (and Francob as well of course - anyone opening a book on that?) - would hate to lose anymore more of you along the way...you're all just too priceless....


  • Did you all really street view hahahahahahahahaha:D

  • I did. I even printed off directions just in case like.

  • :D love it

  • Amazing craftsmanship :D

  • Dave... huh???

  • Amazing craftsmanship :D

    what a lovely knob!

  • :D :D

    Stop it all of you - how am I supposed to work now with sparkly knobs in my head...


  • 28.3 miles lol

  • I think we should sneak round in the middle of the night and replace his front door knob with that sparkly one:cool:


  • Best laugh of the week.

    I just love you guys!!! :D Even the foolish sparkly ones. :p

    I was sitting here reading this quietly, and my husband just asked why I am sniggering like Mutley! You are all so funny. :D

  • This thread has made my day with the Del boy routine, first time iv laughed in six and a half weeks:D

    Mash X :D

  • I must be the last to have read this thread getsmile.com/emoticons/smil...

    OMG .... that is so funny.

  • I think we all should send Francob a xmas card getsmile.com/emoticons/smil...

  • Dorset,

    That is an outright, terrible, naughty thought ......what sort of a warped mind do you have, He..He..He a-n-d I think that its a really WONDERFUL thought..

    Does anyone know where I could get a card with a picture of "a child throwing his toys out of a pram" !!!! It will make his xmas for him. Poor lad......:D :D

    LOVE IT. :D

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