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Not gunna quit winning quitting

Fulldraw56032 Years Smoke Free

Hello names steve been smoking pack a day for almost 10 years. I've tried quit many times. I've finally made the decision im done. I'm on day 9!!! Cold turkey. Mental craving been extremely strong today and yesterday just reading up on some good advice thought I'd say hi see if anyone else has some tips for second week.

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ChrisLeePH2 Years Smoke Free

Hi Steve! Same as you, I've smoked almost a pack for 10 years before, quit cold turkey as well and now Im already on day 75. On your second week, well, cravings are kinda managable than your first week but it can be intense too. Remember that you should not take another puff, no matter how intense it might get. Do something to distract you. Eat or play or exercise or whatever. You'll feel better everyday you manage to stay smoke-free. So cheers on your day 9 Steve! You can do it 😀

Hidden in reply to ChrisLeePH

Not a drag a puff get as far away as can from that last cigarette it will get easier every time you say no to that stinky smoke keep kicking

mushenValued Contributor

Morning. Well done on reaching day 9 - it is not easy but you can do this.

Have a look at They have short videos that cover every day of the first two weeks of a quit and are absolutely worth watching.

Take it one hour, one day at a time and you will succeed. ☺☺

NozmoValued Contributor

Hello Steve, I think the second week is difficult because the novelty of the first week has gone but the cravings are still strong.

My advice is to expect some ups and downs and don't feel like it is all going wrong if the cravings get really strong at times. Even though the nicotine has gone the cravings persist. Keep busy and keep posting to let us know how you're getting on.


Welcome Fulldraw5603 and congratulations on Day 9 and reaching your first milestone of 1 week :) I too quit cold turkey over 13 months ago and never looked back.

The mental recovery has begun now which is a slow process for the next few weeks but as each day passes the stronger you will become - be prepared to attack - below is a pinned post from across the page that may be helpful - read up as much as you can on addiction and quitting.

There is a few new members at the same stage of your quit too if you want to have a look at their posts and how they are getting on - Wildangel , giffy , Kaney, Ceil and Kathyd7192

We look forward to reading your progress ;)

Kathyd71922 Years Smoke Free

Day 9! Good for u!!! Im day 4 and pray i make it to 9! Worst 4 days ever! Appreciate your 9!! Good job!

Fulldraw56032 Years Smoke Free in reply to Kathyd7192

Hope all is going well stil. first week was pretty tough on me just had to change everything I do/did it gets easier although it's a battle it's worth fighting no slip ups no looking back we can do this !

Fulldraw56032 Years Smoke Free

Thanks everyone for the responses support really does help. Monday will be my official 2 weeks quit and it feels great! Longest I've gone since I started and I really feel I have it this time I don't want to smoke anymore I don't want to be a smoker any more. Wait I'm NOT a smoker!!! I feel much better like the commercials says "every cigarette makes you sick" man is that true. I felt down and just plain tired on the daily, lately I feel like a million bucks already. I even have the engry to keep up with my kids. I really appreciate the feedback back. To anyone just starting KEEP GOING BE A QUITTER ;)

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Fulldraw5603

Great post Fulldraw5603 , hope you are continuing to do well, perhaps create new posts on your progress so you get feedback and get recognition and also to spur lurkers to begin their journey - well done!


Hey hope your holding your own as those withdraws hit you and they will the worst time of any ones day to come for you there the smoking demons chasing you they Want you back its one puff and they win they get weeker as time goes on its all just more time from that last cigarette just one more hour one more day keep kicking

Lucy12552 Years Smoke Free

Congratulations it does get easier

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