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Worried this is too easy!!


As above, I have had no major cravings. No moods etc

I have feeling they will just all hit at once, hope not tho!!

I have had the odd time where I have thought ooh I'll have a fag now. But that's just a habit thing. And as soon as the thought is in my head I remove it just as quick.

It was never as easy as this last time.

I remember last time I spent most of my time chomping through carrots to beat the cravings lol. We bought a couple of bags to help this time but haven't opened them yet :)

Hope everyone else is doing ok! Best of luck to us all :)

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Hey Panda,

If you're finding it easy, don't worry about it, enjoy it :D

Don't worry about how you are going to feel tomorrow or the next day, those days aren't here yet. And Day 3 is supposed to be one of the worst ones, so it's good that you are coping so well. And by now, the nicotine is more or less out of your system anyway, so it will get even better from now :D

So relax, and if you don't fancy the carrots, go for a pizza or something nice cos you deserve it :p



Lol I might just have that pizza :) sure sounds nicer than carrots lol

My oh just texted me and said the same that the nicotine is basically out of us now. It's such a good feeling to get this far without any major cravings :)

Are you still taking the champix Zoe?

Yes I am still taking the Champix, back onto day 3 of them now, and they seem to be working a bit better this time around so fingers crossed :D I am not back up to the full dose yet either, but smoking is already becoming difficult :D

I remember when I was on them a lot of people had probs with the nausea and they only took half a tablet and that worked for them.

One woman I knew she was physically sick everyday from them :( not good. Needless to say she didn't stick with them.

It's the best bit when the cigarettes start to taste nasty. Makes it so much to stop

What's your quit date?

I am mid day through day 3 and I am finding your experience similar to mine!

Maybe this I was just prepared for the worst but honestly the worst things i have experienced so far is a little tightening in the chest and slight difficulty to focus.

Like someone said before, lets just ride this out and not worry about what might come, all that matters is that we are 3 days in which is kind of a miracle, I never thought I would last 3 days without a cig.

Best wishes

Dont worry i found it easy and 8 weeks later i cant say its difficult.if i dont take the first puff i dont have to smoke the next million.

Mash x

Day 3 doing cold turkey!

Hey everyone,

well its day 3 for me and its a first in my many times of trying to quit that I have gone "cold turkey"

I usually needed a crutch to help and even had my patches ready to pop on my arm on the 01/01/2012 but for some reason decided to not put them on and try with my hubby to quit with just the will power thing., Everyone please keep their fingers crossed for us.

I have tried to give up many times and have always for whatever reason succumbed to just the "1" thinking it would be ok but it never was,then very soon back to the 20 a day!

This time we are both hoping that by doing it together it will be a tad easier and I have to say that day 3 seems bearable and I am under no illusions that it is going to be plain sailing all the way but a day at a time I can cope with!

So for now my fellow quitters, well done everyone whether its been a while or not,you are a step closer and remember practice makes permanent!!

Jackie(feeling a tad lightheaded)

Hey i just wanted to say seriously well done on the whole no major cravings thing. I'm on day two and I feel exactly the same its kinda worrying, because yesterday I had sweats, bad anxiety you name it i had them all. I've had one piece of niccy gum today first thing this morning but other than that havent felt the urge at all. throat is getting a little dry though, lets hope 2012 will be a smokefree year for us all :) xxx

jae- well done!!!! how is the will power thing working for u???? xx

My first posting and day three without a cigarette for myself also. I have to admit though, this is turning out so far to be very, very difficult. A little agitated, a little restless and a little achy. Really missing a cigarette as part of my daily routine, although I am still carrying a packet of cigarettes with me and toward which I will not open. Flying back to the UK this evening and which I think will help greatly. Here where I live in the Middle East, cigarettes are embarrassingly cheap and smoking is allowed in bars and restaurants. I think the lack of some Middle East "triggers" (in a café always with a cigarette, in friends flats always with a cigarette and in a bar always with a cigarette), will help greatly.

Regards, Ampersand

Well done on getting to day 3 :D it will get easier honestly and when you see how much it will cost you to buy a pack of ciggies in the uk you wilbe shocked :eek:

Just remember to keep hands and mind busy when a craving comes

onwards and upwards

Regards Carol


Hey Sian,yeah I do have to say that giving up without a nicotine replacement is prob the hardest to do but to be honest, not THE hardest to do,it is never as bad as i imagined. I have stomach cramps, lightheadedness,weird dreams,lol,and an irregular sleep pattern at the moment but its only day 4 so what can 1 expect!! Hubby seems to be coping pretty well also, a few anger issues rearing its ugly head but I can put up with that!

My taste is starting to come back,do I really like coffee that much ????? Weird.

So its day 4 and still feeling pretty good and chuffed to be honest!

Keep going people. we can do this!

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