I've decided to make my quit as easy as can be!!!!

Well, in a strange way, I indeed had a choice in my approach to my quit, I could of thought it's terrible, it's torrid, it's mind blowing, it's to much, I can't do it...... Etc

But  those waves of emotion we describe as a crave, I have indeed just  let go over my head, in the knowing that these will settle down,  the longer my quit progresses..

And while , of course at times I do feel at a loss, it's not a loss, it's a advantage knowing my body is thanking me every day I stay quit, my mind is adjusting too. 

That said, I will always need the resolve of this most magical forum, in my quest to stay nicotine free,

My choice is not to smoke, so I,m not. Well for today at least.

For tomorrow is new, will hit it head on with all the vigour of today.

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  • Hi Tracey...well done !!! I believe our Creator gave us two gifts, one is choice and the other is chance : the choice of a good life and the chance to make it the best...Stay strong !

  • This is very true, a wise man indeed.


  • You really are nailing this quit Tracey, i am so pleased for you and delighted that your hard work is paying off, you had a rough start but the rocks are now shaping to nice little pebbles (your rubbing off on me now Hercu !)

    Keep it up, you are doing fantastic!

  • I am Honored...!!!

  • Our choices in life define us as a individual, so for me, my choice is not to smoke, no matter what waters lay ahead rough, or calm, I will conquer this. I must. As with every thing in life, some things take more time than others., so how ever long it takes. I,m here for the long haul.

  • Nice post tracey one day at a time never a truer word said😆😆

  • One day at a time Tracey3, that's how its done.  Don't worry about tomorrow, just choose not to smoke today.  And repeat ...

  • What a great post Tracey

  • Mega. What an awesome attitude! We have more power than we think and you are showing your strength lovely lady. Keep going.

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