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Hi, I have smoked about 20 a day for about 10 years.

I quit on the 1st January and was doing fine until a couple of weeks ago when I went to a party and ended up smoking about 6 fags.

Then I was okay for another week, but come the weekend I decided to buy some fags again and smoked about 30 that weekend.

Once again I didn't have anymore until Friday just gone then I had 2 but then went on to purchase 10 yesterday- the last of which I smoked this morning.

I want to quit but I just find I'm really struggling with kicking the habit completely.

Any help would be appreciated!!

Thanks x

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I think most of us have been where you are now and in all honesty the answer is quit and use any method that helps you to stay strong. Personally i am using patches, relying (heavily at times;)) on the support from this forum and an e-cig for emergency times.

There will be plenty of others along soon with other ideas for you but good luck in your quit

If there´s a will, there´s a way!! You really want to get rid of the habit, you tried , did fine for a few weeks. You can do it again. I have only 21 days so I really understand you. ;). Reading Allen Carrs book helped me to take mey decision and stick to it. Adding all the money I saved during this days also helped. Y practice yoga, so now I go early in the morning and late at night...Ýou know already that after one week you don´t feel like smoking anymore , it¨s just the habit, it´s in your mind... Readind this forum helped me a lot too. :) Mi english is not the best :o but enough to encourage you to keep on what you started, make it happen...

I'm not really in a position to be giving advice, but if you started smoking at the party because your friends/acquaintances smoke I would steer clear of such occasions for a while or make it known that you want to quit and perhaps receive even support from them. :)

Hi JH and welcome to the forum!

You've certainly come to the right place. Most of us here have given up countless times in the past!

The best advice I can give is to read, read and read. Go through this forum and click on the links below peoples signatures. Understand what nicotine withdrawal is going to be like and come up with an action plan of how to deal with it.

I am on my longest ever quit this time and the only thing I have done differently is sign-up here. Obviously the forum doesn't replace will power and determination, but it does help with questions, support, laughter etc about what we're all going through!

You will find people going cold turkey, other on Champix and others like me on NRT of one variety or another.

best of luck! :D

Perhaps I ought to add that I have tried countless times to quite - the longest acheived being 6 months!

The sunshine also wants to make me smoke!

My partner annoyingly quit a 20 a day habit last November and it was a peice of cake - so you can imagine the aggro I'm getting when I'm smoking again!

I have decided that I'll make tomorrow my quit date so hopefully I can crack it this time with the support of the forum. I think laying off booze for a couple of weeks will also help!! x

Hi Henry,

I think laying off the booze for a bit is a very good idea. ;) Don't put yourself in situations where you may be tempted to smoke.

I think that in your case, as you tend to go all through the week smokeless, it's probably more habit than addiction. :confused: Also, you may find it a bit easier if you use an aid to quit.

Weekends are obviously your weakness, so maybe do/go somewhere different for a few weeks, and when you do resume your normal activities, be extra vigilant of the dangers that you will come up against. :eek:

Josie XXX

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Levs1000 Days Smoke Free


You will find lots of people on here who have quit more than once.

One thing you have become painfully aware of is there is no such thing as 'one' smoke. Doesn't happen. You need to get into the mind set of N.O.P.E Not One Puff Ever.

You can do this if you want to. Get your head round it, read read read and when you have finished reading all of that read some more. Educating yourself on what will happen during your quit can help you own it.

If staying away from drinking will help you then of course do it but as someone else suggested perhaps ask your drinking buddies to support when you have a drink to not smoke.

If you really want it, you'll do this.


I've tried quitting loads of times and have never got past a few days... each time you learn a little though, from what to expect, what to avoid etc. One of these times everything will come together and keep you smoke free. Best of luck for tomorrow x

Thanks guys! My plan is to smoke as many as I can tonight to make myself be really ready to kick the habit (again) tomorrow and also have a couple of cheeky glasses of vino as I'll be quitting that too for a short while.

I just need to be where I was about a month ago - I felt sure at that point that I would never smoke again. I can't understand whats changed?!

No doubt I'll be posting again tomorrow to let you all know how my first day is going. Me and many others I should think!!


And we're off!

So then here we go! Good luck everyone who is joining me in quitting today

I just keep trying to think of all the positives of quitting because really there are no positives of continuing to smoke. I kid myself that I enjoy it but actually I don't think I do.

Lets go for it!! x :D


Hope you smoked yourself silly last night and are having a great day so far!

Good luck!

So then here we go! Good luck everyone who is joining me in quitting today

I just keep trying to think of all the positives of quitting because really there are no positives of continuing to smoke. I kid myself that I enjoy it but actually I don't think I do.

Lets go for it!! x :D

Welcome to the Forum, JazzHenry :)

Read = the Forum, Read = the links in members sigs, Read = educate yourself into a long and sustained quit.


Welcome to the forum,

glad you made that brave step and hope today goes well!


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