Am back 2nd time! Preparing for tomorrow - No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day

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Am back 2nd time! Preparing for tomorrow


Cant believe i done 4 weeks last time and quit smoking pretending to myself i can just smoke when i drink cause i have proved i can do it lol how stupid am i.

I absolutly hate smoking i dont even enjoy it no more when i light up i always ask myself what would my life be like if i was a none smoker.

I have 2 beautiful children and last night my daughter who is 3 asked me to sleep in her bed with her and i couldnt go in for about 20mins cause i hadnt long had a smoke, how perthetic is that.

I can go on and on with how these ciggies effect my life but now is the time that i have to say goodbye forever i have 2 smokes left and normally i would buy more but now enough is enough.

My quit day is tomorrow and i feel anxious at knowing waht the week is going to hold for me but as they say no pain no gain, and i am going to take peoples advise and go cold turkey cause last time i had patches and inhaler.

This forum was a huge help to me last time understanding that i am not the only one and seeing that people are actually doing this.

Any advise would be really helpful thakyou for listening to my rant


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Dear Annie

I've been lurking on the site for a week or so - my quit date (for various reasons) is not until 6 November, but I already spend every day swinging betwen "I CAN do this" and "How on EARTH will I manage". I have a feeling this forum will be my lifeline - it's so helpful that there are others who understand what you're going through - and I'm sure others will be along soon who can offer you words of wisdom which as yet I can only dream about! Meanwhile, good luck for tomorrow, and please hang on in there - I'll need all the friends I can get!


ps sorry if I'm breaking any forum rules by joining in before I have stopped.

Hi Annie

The thought of tomorrow is definitely worse than the reality will be. I felt exactly the same

Its like the anxiety before a long journey, but once you will be a relief.

I'm taking Champix so can't really advise about cold turkey, it must be the best way though. You'll be free of nicotine in 3 days.

Read all you can and post here...they'll be lots of support and inspiration.

This forum has helped me SO much.

Try and enjoy today!


(quit for 13 days!!...who'd have thought it!)

and Sue..I joined before I stopped. It think it really helped me.

Good luck for the 6th!

welcome back

Welcome annie and good luck for tommorow!!:)

i went cold turkey a week ago and thinks are going well:D the first few days are hard but use this forum as we are all here to help and if you ever feel weak i would read your own post about your children as this will be enough motivation to see you through (ps all support you need is here!!:)

welcome sue

wishing you all the best with your quit but i feel the anticipation of quitting is worst then actually quitting be we will all try be here for you when time is right for you good luck:):)

Hi Sue all i can say is the hardest part about stopping smoking is the 10 mins before you decide. once you jump ,just keep falling and take whatever comes. I can promise it is well worth it and does get easier. eveything you need can be found on this forum somewhere even if it just means coming on here and having a bad day it helps to see it in writing. i wont wish u luck cos its got nothing to do with it,

Mash x

Hi annie and sue, and welcome to the forum.:) I had a couple of false starts to my quit, I joined this site in August and didn't quit till 23rd September!! One month today!! We all make mistakes but that is okay as long as we learn from them.

And as has been said, everything you need is on this forum. I was scared to stop smoking, but I was so inspired by other peoples posts that I eventually went for it. And I can honestly say, a month down the line, that it really does get easier.

All the best,


You can do it

Annie just consider it a blip and then enjoy being smoke free once again! Give yourself regular treats using the money saved by not smoking, I have found this a very good motivator.

Lizzie, Hot & Cold, Mash, Zoe - thank you sooooo much. I shall try not to clog up the forum too much over the next fortnight, but will be looking and reading (I can honestly say I shall have read every single thread in the 'Tips' page by the time I quit!). This pre-quit stage is definitely horrid and yes, part of me wishes I'd decided on an earlier date - but I'm trying to give myself the best chance to succeed. I'm hoping the stress/worry/level of fear are indicators of my determination and resolve to really give this filthy habit the boot, and I am planning and preparing madly. I have lists coming out of my ears! But I know the real work will only start on Day 1, and it is hugely comforting to know that there are so many generous souls out there ready to help me through.

Sorry - a very self indulgent post. I think you are all absolutely amazing - KEEP GOING - I am sort of jealous of where you have already got to (if that makes sense!) but look forward (??? eeeeeeeek) to joining you all....


Hi everyone thanks for ur replies, all helps enormously.

I am set and ready to face day one 2morrow, and that my OH has decided to quit with me yeah he decided all by himself feeling exactly the same as i am bored of talking about it bout, time we actually do something about it.

All stories on here inspire us loads IT CAN ACTUALLY BE DONE. Will be on here everyday from now on its amazing how far we can get from words of encouragement and all the great advise is for nothing what more do we want lol

and good luck sue you have made a decision to stop so it must be for good reason we just have to bear all this in mind when we are screamin for a ciggie, got to be so strong minded.

Day 1 tomorrow here we go thanks everyone

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