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No Smoking Day
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Back again, final time...

Hi all, I did really well last year but not good enough... I gave up for 3 months then 2.5 months then 8 weeks, i'm on day 2 now cold turkey & feel ok (bit restless) but I know that's the habit more than the need...

So pleased to see some of the June quitters still here, woohoo Viking & Una :D

I can do it this time, I won't give in, I will be a non smoker for good :)

Denise x

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Welcome back Denise. You sound very strong and determined, good luck.


Hi Denise, I'm so pleased that you have come back. This time it's permanent.

Una x


Hiya Denise, it's really cool that you're back, for your forever quit.

You sound really determined which is everything :)

Good luck Denise

Molly x


So stoked to see you back on track Denise! With you all the way!



I really respect you for trying again Denise

I still remember you being happy and saving money to go on holiday.

Good luck girl :)


Thanks all :)

Finding it ok up to now, still got a lot of stress in my life but i'm not giving in!

Well done to all of you on stopping, i'm sooo jealous :D but hopefully i'll be here in 6 months/a year still not smoking :)



Nice to meet you Denise

You sound pretty determined and positive to me.

Those were your practice runs.....now comes the real deal :)

Hmmm....ponders.....sounds like a daytime TV show "Denise's Real Deal"

I'd watch it :)

Take care



Hi Denise, been a while.

I was the same - lasted 3 month then failed, (but learnt from it). Back here again with a cold turkey snapping at my heels. :D


Welcome back Dicko - I sort of "know" you from seeing your picture on the Champix social group. Good luck with your quit - and whisper "Christmas" to that cold turkey, if freaks them out. :)


Hi Bigun. Not a place I want to be but the companies good. Didn't have to whisper - 32 gram no 6 cartridge will do! :D


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