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I am back!! This is my 2nd attempt and final

I quit last year but following some stressful times at the beginning of this year I started again:( this time me and OH have been planning this quit since August. We had holidays etc that we knew we would relapse on if we quit before them.

So we ordered Tabex and we are going to give them a try a day one is today. I know it's bad buying stuff on the net but the company seemed very legit.

I am taking the 1st tablet at 10am and then have to take another 5 today!! We have to cease smoking on Monday. I hope it works this time otherwise I will be back to the drs for champix

Good luck to everyone

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tabex is good, i am tablet 5 and smoking already tastes disgusting.

it took to day 8 last time on champix to get like this, think these will definetly work :D

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Yeah right. Illegal drugs off the net :rolleyes: Last person to try those hasn't been seen here since. However 'legit' the company 'SOUNDS', how do you know what you are getting?? Could be a bundle of arsenic, cyanide, whatever. Your choice of course, but please do not promote them on here where there are vulnerable people desperate to stop smoking.



sorry i didnt realise i was doing anything wrong, saying what i was taking :confused:

obviously this isnt the place for me this time, last time i found the site very supportive. obviously not this time :(

sorry to everyone


It great you are giving up. Does not matter if its the 1st attempt or the 20th. As for taking some thing to help on the way I think that is fine as well. Good luck


Hiya Panda,

I've heard a couple of other people on here using Tabex. As long as the website you're buying from is reputable I don't think there's too much to worry about. They've been using Tabex in one form or another in Bulgaria for's just that it's not NICE approved for the UK. But then NICE have there own reasons (usually financial) for approving some drugs and not others.

Good luck on your quit and hope this is the last and final one for you.

Lisa x


it seemed like a legit site and i know others who have bought from there and they have been ok.

i am not trying to promote them in any way and its probably best i dont comment any more on them on here.

i too hope this is my final attempt and i hope i am successful this time.

thanks for all the support last time and i will check back now and again


Hey don't be daft Panda!!!

Of course you're not promoting them. I'm hoping people have the right sense and research a drug very well before deciding to take them (as you yourself no doubt did). It really doesn't matter how you stop smoking...just that you've stopped.

Have they started taking an effect yet and have you had your last ciggie? Just post on here if you feel your resolve waning or if you're struggling.

Lisa x


Oops sorry Panda, just read your signature. You've only been taking them today and you're gonna give up on 21/11/11. And cigs taste awful already? Brilliant, well like I say good luck with your quit and stay with it this time.

lisa x


Good luck Panda, let us know how your getting on :)


Didn't mean to be mean

Sorry Panda and Una, I really didn't intend to be unkind or inflammatory :( I just get worried about people buying drugs off the net, as however 'legit' the site may appear, well, how do we know until we get harmed in some way? Meaning, that they may SAY they are selling Tabex, but might send you something else and you don't know if you are getting the real thing. I could have got Champix off the net, but got it from my doctor. At the time I wrote that post I was thinking about Shashwoo, who also had Tabex off the net, but she felt sick and then hasn't posted for a while now? So was more concerned than intending to hurt anyone's feelings, and if I did I send whopping big apologies :o and big hugs ((( ))) I feel very protective to all of us who are quitting smoking, as it is difficult for all of us. So maybe thats where my thinking went wrong, I just want the best for everybody. And of course, I am still recovering from my own mess up. I was less than 48 hours off nicotine when I wrote that post, and am doing it cold turkey this time, for the first time, so am a bit like a bat out of hell :o But good news everyone, by midnight tonight all nicotine will be out of my system if it isn't already, so it is safe for everyone to take off their hard hats and walk the streets again, without silly me jumping on them :o

TC all,

Zoe xx


Zoe no problemI would be wary of trying an unlicensed drug myself but Panda has made her choice and needs support from the forum.

Of course she does, and will get tons of it too. And she will be a much better quitter than me.

Sorry Panda, :o go for it girl, and pandas are my very favourite bears :D Hope your quit is full of sunshine and all the happiness in the world :)


Zoe xxxx

P.S. Una, I stole your hugs :eek:



I am now on day 2 so started new thread.

Thanks for your support una and Lisa

And thanks for the apology zoemac :)


Ah, bless you Pandaspot. I know the feeling. I'm starting my Day 1 yet again. I've lost count how many times I've failed but I keep telling myself it only takes one go to succeed. Desperately trying to gain some positivity from everyone's experiences on here and I definitely think it's helping. good luck to you all!


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