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No Smoking Day
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Like a bad penny I am back

Hi all, well here I am and ashamed of myself, messed up once again.

So day one again for the umpteenth time.

Got though the day so far with no cigs , so that's a start I guess.

I also joined the gym yesterday, so been there this morning and booked in tonight for a Bokwa class, want to try and get fit at the same time as quitting smoking.

So wish me luck, I want this to be my last quit.

Joan xx

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Welcome back!

Good luck Joan and welcome back. Never give up giving up as they say. You never know this could be the one I hope so:)


Thank you Haze, going to try to be positive this time.



Thank you Haze, going to try to be positive this time.


Good for you!

Can I ask what is a Bokwa class?


It is a dance routine of some sort, I think it may be something like Zumba.

I think going to it may take my mind of the cigs, as well as keeping fit.




Great to see you back with us. Was quite upset when you disappeared, you were such an inspiration to many of us. I thought you had it licked last time. Never mind, no good looking back. I'm sure you will have learned a lot from it and I really, really hope this is your final quit.


Hi Aitch, thank you so much for your kind words I really appreciate them.

Going to the gym soon so that will take my mind of cigs, but to be honest I have not been to bad today so far.

Thank you once again.

Joanie X


hi joan

you are not a bad penny at all i am pleased to see you on here

stay strong and keep posting



Hi Boo, thank you, I am glad to be back after deciding to quit again the support on here is invaluable.

I hate letting people down who have supported me with my quit.

It is time I paid them back with succeeding on this quit.

Thank you Boo, not going to let you down again.

Joanie x


A warm welcome back Joan. As final quit dates go.....I reckon 7th November 2012 would take a bit of beating. Bloody nice ring to it. Love and luck lass. This is it! I feel it in me bones x


well done joan on deciding to try again,this is my umpteenth attempt of quitting but never give up on giving up,im sure you can do it xx


Good for you Joan. Lets make this the stickiest quit ever ;)

Gaynor x


You can do this. You can you can you can you can you can you can you can you CAN!!!!

Helen x



Wishing you all the very best in your quit.

May this be the 'one for you'

Fi x


Just posted on your day 2, didn't see this:rolleyes:

I'll say again soooooo pleased to see you back.

I joined a gym to help keep the weight down and I'm really enjoying it. 3 lbs to go to get back to my pre quit weight but the main thing is that I feel a lot fitter.

Keep focused and take it day by day;) xxx


Thank you all for your good wishes.

I have let you all down so many times, I can only say I am really going to try my very best this time.

The support you all have given me over the years I can never thank you enough.

Gaynor you are a star a inspiration, keep it up sweetheart.

Helen you are also to be looked up to, thank you for all the support you have given me.

Dippy, I want to be where you are, you have done brilliantly.

Bay, we will get there sweetheart.

Thank you all

Joanie xxx


I hope today has been good for you Joanie. I have been here since 2009 and have many failed quits behind me as you know. This one however has stuck so never give up. Hope this is your last quit as well. I KNOW you can do it.



Thank you Gaynor,I really hope it as clicked this time. I really want it, so fed up of failing. I am so proud of you Gaynor, your a star.

Joanie XX


Just keep coming back

it works if you work it

so work it

your worth it.:cool:



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