No Smoking Day
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2 Months & 8 Days Since I Las Had A Cigarette!

It is now 2 months and 8 days since my last cigarette!

Thought I'd post about my progress.

Things seem to be going well in my life, I have been going to the gym for nearly 4 weeks and I am eating healthily and best of all I aren't smoking anymore!

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Well done Tombo, sounds like you're really sorted with the gym trips as well :)


Good for you Tombo, sounds like you've got it all sorted health wise!

Well done on the healthy eating too, you must have iron willpower :D



Congrats Tombo,

9 weeks still sounds a long way away for me as I am only just approaching the end of Week 4. But I like reading posts like yours, they show me this thing is do-able:D



Yayyyy Tombo you go :D I like the sound of joining the gym :p

That should be my next step :o


Fantastic! Good on you, 4 weeks at the gym, i couldnt hav even thought about that 4 weeks ago..haribo bingeing l...however started yesterday..swim and gym :)


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