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day 8 & stressfull day

Hi all,

I have now moved up an notch.

Not the best of days, had quite a stressful day, I had to take my husband to have a pre op, he is going into hospital on Sat morning to have his gall bladder removed. 5 weeks ago he was rushed into hospital with severe stomach pains & vomiting, it turned out to be acute Pancreatitis.

he was in hospital for 11 days very ill.

I just smoked & smoked with the stress of it all, I must have gone though about thirty a day. anyway 8 days ago I thought I can't do this, there are times of stress in our lives, and there most be ways of copeing without cigs.

Anyway today I had to really fight not to have a cig, but I made it.

Just got to get though sat when he is having his op, so please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Love Joan

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Hi Joan :D

Great 8 days quit

I have mt fingers and toes crossed for Saturday for you

Sorry to hear today was tough for you but you made it and that's what matters


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Joan :D

I'm pleased that you find coming on here is helping you even if sometimes there's not much we can say except to let you know we're here and listening

Keep posting and stay quit


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Congrats on getting to week 2 Joan.

You won the battle today and you shall not be defeated. :)

Will be thinking of you both on Saturday.


well done

Well done you it would have been easy to give in and you didn't. I am still at the stage where i have to fight it pretty much all day (day 5) and i find it really hard, to get through what you have had to deal with is amazing.

As for Sat I will have everything crossed, well almost everything:D and you will both be in my thoughts and prayers.


Hi Joan!

Week 2 - we made it! :D:D

Well done Joan - today must have been so hard for you - but you made it - well done!

I had a bad day by my books, but nothing like yours, and I know how close I came, so you have my admiration!

I hope Saturday goes well for you - and send our best to your hubby.


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