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Nearly a year since I had my last cigarette

Skyelady6 Months Smoke Free

Well I can't believe I'm writing this, its been nearly a whole year since I last smoked a cigarette and I've also joined WW and have lost 9lb in 4 weeks so I'm tackling the 3 stone weight gain now. So to all those starting out on their smoke free journey, you can do it, I was lucky with the aid of champix I went off fags quite quickly and have never suffered a craving, I've been off the champix for 9 months and apart from the weight gain I feel great. As I said I'm tackling the weight gain with WW as I'm rubbish by myself so having the app and access to recipes is great. So after 35 years of smoking I feel great

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reader20196 Months Smoke Free

Congrats to you Skyelady.

in reply to reader2019

Thanks but this ain't easy, but I'm not gonna quit quitting 👍

Well done, I'm 5 days in but when I'm at your amazing milestone I'll have not spent approx £3500 on fags.well done..

Sparkle112 Years Smoke Free

Well done Skyelady. That’s great news. I’ll be 3 years smoke free this summer. Champix really helped me (although the bad dreams and nausea wasn’t pleasant) I did not gain any weight as I continued going to the gym and the Allan Carr ‘Stop smoking without putting on weight’ book really helped.

Great to read your positive and motivating story 👍🏼👍🏼

dugahole1 Year Smoke Free

Great work Skyelady, Keep smelling the fresh air!!!!

Skyelady6 Months Smoke Free

Could I get my nearly a year badge please? 😁

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