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Day 2 & don't i know it!


Hi everyone, I am new to this forum.

I have decided to quit after nearly 9 years of smoking, as I am sick of coughing my guts up every morning, and to be honest I just don't enjoy it anymore.

I started smoking when I was 14, and I am 23 in a couple of weeks time.

I have a little boy of 4 who has special needs, so life can be quite stressful at times, but I am so determined!

I decided to quit cold turkey as I don't want to give up fags, then get reliant on something else instead.

I have been reading this forum for the last couple of days and I have decided to join. My partner wants to quit too but he gave in yesterday at about 3.20pm, but I stuck through, I think he is going to need a little more help in form of NRT!

Anyway, I am on Day 2, and boy, don't I know it.

I woke up this morning with a banging headache, no cravings as such, just light headed, head hurts, feeling a bit 'monged out' and restless. I don't think I realised the physical aspect of quitting like this! I am just going to keep myself busy today, and try and get rid of this fuzzy feeling I am getting!

I have been told day 3 is the worst day, so I'm not looking forward to tomorrow at all!

Michelle xXx:p

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Good Morning Michelle and welcome, the first couple of weeks can be really rough unfortunately, you feel like a zombie and you either sleep too much or not at all, there's no happy medium I'm afraid, but, it really does get better if you just keep plodding on. Keep yourself distracted, that shouldn't be too difficult with a little boy in the house I would imagine ;) Don't worry too much about the day three thing, this is just the very first day your body is totally free of nicotine and although it can be tough you've already done the really hard thing and that's deciding to stop! Keep up the brilliant work, you can do this :)

Hi jenninegs !

Thank you for your reply support :)

and yes I will certainly be kept busy luckily!

I am so pleased it is sunny today, as I am going to get on with housework then go to the park with my little boy to get out the house for a bit.

I have to admit the sleeping thing knocked me for six last night, I usually fall asleep by 11pm and I can go to bed and be fast asleep within 10 minutes!

Last night I didn't get to sleep until 1.45am and took me like half an hour to fall asleep LOL!

Michelle xxx

hey Doodlebugroach!

Wow, I am so pleased to find someone else on day 2!

I never prepared myself for how demanding it would be.

I always kidded myself that I was never addicted and I could always 'take it or leave it'. But jesus, I was addicted.

I am just trying to keep myself busy, I find when I am craving I start to get very restless, so once that starts I just get up and do something, never hovered so much in my life as yesterday LOL!

Michelle :-D xx

Hi Vicki!

You don't realise how much it stinks!

I smelt my dressing gown this morning and had to put it in the wash as it reeked!

I got chewing gum and imperial mints everywhere around the house LOL!

The glass of water is a good idea, I am really worried about putting weight on.

My mum tried quitting a few yrs ago and put so much weight on she ended up having a gastric bypass.

But in a way I think that's helped me , as I am more determined not to replace it with food

Michelle xx

Thanks Girls so much! xxxx

Hi Michelle,

I'm not far ahead of you but wanted to tell you that I think you're doing really, really well. I have nothing but admiration for anyone going CT as I know I would never have had the will-power to do it.

This forum is a wonderful resource- I could never have made it so far without the lovely people on here- and I'm sure it will help you too on your journey.

Just keep telling yourself how lovely it is to be smoke-free in 2014. Loads and loads of good vibes from me and will look forward to reading about your progress. :)

hi Hun really well, still no smoke!

Had some worrying news today about myself (I found a lump in my boob so now have been referred to see breast clinic, so I am a bit agitated), and OMG I so needed a fag! But I persevered, Sucked on a mint and moved on from my craving lol!

Hows it going for you? xxx

Thanks Kat that's lovely!

I am not too worried, there a quite a few changes the gp was concerned about, but this year I have decided to take life in my stride, and not to worry as much about things, what will be , will be :D

I am so proud of myself today, but I am holding onto my quit so tight!

I am definitely going to keep coming on here, it's an amazing group of people!

Michelle xxx

Thank you all so much girls!

I don't get much girl talk so it's lovely to be able to talk to you all!


Yes hun , my little boy is 4 , he has special needs which affect his speech and behaviour, so he can be a handful lol!

you? xxx

Bet your house is full of fun!! xxx

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