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My reasons

I thought I would just jot down my reasons for quitting so that I can come back here and remind myself if I feel like giving in.

1...Diagnosed with COPD and on 2 inhalers, determined to get down to the one.

2...My gorgeous 6 month old grandson who I want to be around for as long as possible.

3...My 2 lovely sons, I dont want to put them through the same pain my cousins went through when my auntie died from emphesemia.

4...I want to start running again!

5. £250 a month in my bank instead of burned out in an ashtray.

I AM going to come back here whenever I feel weak and remind myself.

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Hi Lillie

My goodnes I think reason 1 is more than enough incentive. From the little I know about COPD the singlemost important factor is to quit smoking!

Well done on reaching the decision in the first place and good luck with your quit.



Hi Lillie,

Just one of those reasons - any one - is reason enough. You are so doing the right thing. And you'll start to see such immediate changes, in your breathing AND your bank balance, you'll be amazed!

I'm not saying it's going to be easy but keep focused, take it one day at a time, and you'll get there. This place is an enormous help.

Goodbye stinky fags, hello clean lungs.


Helen x


Visit 1

So I am now on 5 weeks and have got down to 1 inhaler and the money I would have spent on smoking is staying in my bank! Got to say this little peek back has helped me.


Lillie - I Hadn't seen your post feom 10/10, it was before I came on here. They are all good reasons, please stay with it. They are in the right order too, I am amazed that money is often the greatest motivator, what good is winning the lottery if you aren't healthy.

In the month before I quit my bro in law was diagnosed with emphasyma, another friend with copd and my mother in laws best friend had her voice box removed that's what me think enough is enough.

Stick with it



Time really has flown, Lillie - well done! Your family must be so proud of you, and you know that your virtual family on here are!

I was really glad to hear that you have managed to reduce your inhaler use (strangly, mine increased when I quit and still hasn't come back down :confused:).

You have done so well - I just know that you will never smoke again.


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