No Smoking Day
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My Reasons and reminders

1. Diagnosed with COPD 3 years ago

2. Couldn't climb the stairs without gasping for breath

3. Couldn't kiss the old man goodnight when I got up the stairs as I was gasping for breath!!

4. Nearly piddled myself cos I kept putting off going upstairs to the loo.

5. Could hardly walk 100 yards without stopping for a rest/breather.

Not good for a 53 year old ... reasons I will try my hardest stay stopped (6 days so far)

1. Day 6 and running up the stairs (well as much as a 53 year old 18 stone woman can run).

2. Kissing the old man and not almost collapsing after climbing stairs

3. Need a wee - I go upstairs and have a wee

4. Measured number 2 on the meter thing at the smoking clinic, was 9 last monday and 28 when they took the first reading.

When I feel it's hard I'll come back here and remind myself WHY i'm doing this xx

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Hy Yvonne, great reasons to quit, already reaping the rewards. Isn't that a good feeling!

Doing really well. Hope your proud :):) little treat for you me thinks:):):)


Fantastic reasons and what a huge improvement already.

You're reclaiming your life :D


Fantastic Yvonne :)

When you think that the vast improvement you have already experienced has happened after just 6 days (7 days now in fact :)) just imagine what a difference you will notice after 6 months has passed!

Bet you lose weight too. All that running up & down the stairs is bound to have an effect and you'll be in a tracksuit and doing a 5k run before you know where you are, never mind struggling to walk 100 meters.

You're doing really, really well. :D


Thanks guys :D


Oh I posted this originally and i'm back after a 3 month lapse :( will definitely come back here to remind myself why I'm doing this


Yvonne, don't think of it as a lapse- think of the previous quit as a training run. You will have learned from it and now you can put what you learned into practice and make this the real thing.

If I were you, I should write out your original post and stick it in various places around the house where you will encounter it every day. Ir really can help to do that (a friend of mine who suffers with depression does something similar to boost his self-esteem and finds it works).

Also, post often because we will all be here to help (and there isn't anyone here who won't understand where you're at). :)

You'll see- all those positive benefits will come flooding back again and will soon outweigh any of the negative things about quitting.


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