Back on familiar ground

My third day, withdrawals not bad, no strong craves yet,went to shop and didnt buy any, bought munchies instead. feeling pleased with myself, my feet are feeling warmer today must be circulation improving. Thank god i dont have to smoke today.The hardest part in quitting for me is the ten mins before making that decision, after that im just getting carried along to where it will take me.i know where iv been and i dont want to be there anymore, im seeing it as an adventure. Its a book i opened in march which i was loving until i caved in, so iv picked it up again and it feels like iv gone straight to a familiar page , it was waiting for me.

its good to be back.


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  • Hey Mash

    If its the same book I am reading, then the more you read the better it gets!!!!;)

  • im loving it ,its like an adventure,im sure there will be monsters and the slaying of them,goodies and baddies, close shaves and mountains to climb ,deserts to cross, and angels that whisper encouragement. its not a sacrifice.the end of suffering can not be loss. the gift of everything can only be gain.


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