No Smoking Day
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Guess whos back to Day one?!

What a clutz! (is that a word? If so, its probably in the dictionary, with my name as the description!)

Feel stupid.........again, but I can't dwell on it. Gona feel even more pathetic when I see my NHS advisor on wednesday evening.

I guess I'm going to have to cut out drink completely for a while.........I get so weak.

Still, Im not going to give in completely, Im back again, and no matter how long it takes, I will eventually succeed.

Think I may ask for the mini tabs on wed, anyone any views on them?

And.........again, sorry! x

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Oh Isha, it is difficult with a toddler, you need the 5 min breaks, but in the long run, it willbe so much better for you both. Please don't let him get to my daughters age, and beg you to stop. It is heart-breaking. If you need to refrain from drinking for a few weeks, then it is worth it. Come on Girl, you can choose to quit.


Me and the other have had a few cross words yesterday.....I suffer with depression, and just having a slight mental blip presently. A lot to do with our housing poxy car....and, ironically (!) MONEY! I also look after my elderly dad who lives 40 miles away. So, Ive been a bit all over the place recently.

Me & hubster so rarely argue as well, that when we do (a lot lately), it hits me.

BUT, I know that is no excuse. I gave up for two years, (the day I found out I was pregnant), so I know I can do it......can't keep looking for excuses!

Silly, silly, silly woman! Ive got to keep myself busy, need to get out doors more and need some sunshine.... (I did email god for some warmer brighter weather, but he appears to be ignoring me!!)

I wasn't going to tell you peeps, as I felt like a tw*t!! but, if I pretend it didn't happen, Im only trying to fool myself really!! xx


Oh poo Isha,

This is probably one of the hardest things we will ever have to do in our lives. You don't need to be sorry for anything.

I've had many fails in the past and left it far too long between attempts. You are being so open and honest about your blips (which is all they are) and you are getting stuck right back in to it...which is great. Never stop trying, one will stick.

I moved from the inhaler to the mini's and I have found them to be very good. I am down to about 3-5 tabs a day now and aiming to drop them completely when away on holiday soon. (I'm still a little miffed I'm still using the NRT but I'm over the moon I'm not smoking)

Everybody has different success on the different forms of NRT so if one isn't working for you....switch to another. The other common mistake we make on the NRT is not using enough of it. So if you need it ... use it ... to your advantage :)

I reckon you'll get this soon...just make sure you stick around when you do :)

Take care




Aww that's a pity Isha, but we've all been there!!

You can do it, you will do it but you've got to find the right way for you!!

Don't beat yourself up about it, quitting is flipping difficult, and when you get stressed it's even harder but you'll get there :)

Haven't tried the minis 'cos the full size lozenges give me a really sore throat so am on the gum - cutting that down is next on my list but am getting myself well used to not smoking before I go too hard at that.

Have you tried a patch? They were a lifesaver for me early on!!

Gemma :)


Thank you so much peeps, you really are such a lovely supportive lot. I know I keep blipping, but Im not going to throw the attempts away......I just refuse to!

I am on the patches, 25mg. And I think they are brill. I rarely crave really....just when I do, it seems to hit hard. Last night, wasn't really about was about be drunk and wanting to rebel!! So, I need to NOT drink, and calm the rebel inside me down!!

I have got the mouth spray, but didn't like it, didn't feel I got anything from it to be honest.

I'll ask for the lozenges or mini tabs on wednesday.....don't fancy the gum, as it reminds me of having a fag!!

Still, onwards and upwards.......AGAIN! X

And thanks again, really do appreciate your supportive words. xxxx


That post was fab Kat, very supportive.:)


Ohhh Isha you got a lot on your plate chick but all those thing are still going to be there smoking or not. You do so well at picking yourself up and starting again that this must be the right time for you. You go girl day 2 tomorrow. Xx


Ahhh thanks Kat, I appreciate your kind words hun, thank you!

You've done soooo well, dead chuffed for you mate. x

We will get there....we have to....simples!


Get back on the horse, darlin and do what Kat says. Don't beat yourself up though. xx


You really are the most supportive people, its so good being here. Friends and family are supportive.....but its just not the same. I felt almost like they were looking at me as if to say 'knew you couldn't do it' you know what I mean? I know they wouldn't say it.....but I kind of know what their thinking.

So, you all

THANK YOU:):):):


I know exactly what you mean, I feel my other half wants me to fail, so 1. He can say aw, I knew you wouldn,t be able to do it, 2. I won't have to feel guilty smoking now.

I maybe completely wrong, he makes all the right noises, but I FEEL he wants me to fail, and y'know, that's when the rebel comes out in me and I think F*** you, I will prove you wrong.:D


Hi Isha,

If you got straight back into your quit you'll get there chuck, there's no doubt.

You want this quit too badly to fail! Now, no more blips sweetheart. This is your time now. Stay strong.

Molly x


Kat.......YOUR ON! X


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