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Today is day 42

I have joined here today as I am suffering a little and can see what lovely supportive folks you are. I have been reading your posts since I quite 6 weeks aog today but have not joined until now.

I am off to the nurse later but wanted a little moan with understanding folks as my nurse isn't very good at listening to me and just seems to want to lecture. She doesn't even look at me when she goes off on a tangent. I am determined to keep going though as I want to succeed with this quit.

I feel bloated, my head hurts and I am so spotty. I am a horror at times to live with but I will NOT have a cigarette. I have come too far and the good days out weigh the bad ones.

Today is just a bad day I guess. Sorry for miserable first post!

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Hi Rex,

I feel your pain, day 28 for me.

Personally I haven’t used the NHS but mainly because I find most GP's & Nurses to be full of shit and quite often see you as just another patient/number rather than a person, or maybe thats just my local surgery, lol.

However you have to look at the long term picture - The bigger picture is the extra weight can be lost, the skin will clear up, the mood swings will soon disappear and the head aches ease off too.

We all know the dangers / harm smoking causes so I'm not going to patronise you with those facts but 42 days is a huge achievement, I envy you and hope to get to that milestone myself soon, do not give in, you will feel so much worse if you do.

Finally my other half has found me difficult to deal with over the last month but she understands that it is for the greater good.

Keep it up - Mark


Hi Rex

Well done, I can only dream of a Day 42 for me as I am some way behind on Day 18, you have done so well.

I go to a smoking clinic and often wonder how a "never been a smoker" can even remotely understand how hard it is to give up. My nurse always relys on the "so people tell me" route but sometimes I could scream. I ask questions to which she has no answers, and she constantly refers to the empty packet of patches for guidance.....I can read the packet too so why am I there?? She can't tell me why I have to be on 25mg for 8 wks, just because the packet says so. She has no idea of how annoying the allergy to patches can be (hence I want to get through them as quickly as I can) and she is now concerned that I may be addicted to the inhilator........uuuuuhhhh???

To be honest, I'm just humouring the whole appointment thing as I think it's good for me to be "watched", but as for support.......I get far more accurate and practical advice here from people who have walked in these same shoes!

Take a practical view on it and keep going, and perhaps you can utilise the benefit of all these lovely people here like me!



Hi Rex

Welcome to the forum, and sorry to hear you are having a bad day. But we've all had those, and understand what you are going through.

Hope that your visit to the nurse went ok today. I only went to the smoking clinic once - got a load of platitudes and felt that it wasn't really going to help much. I'm lucky that I have a great GP, though. But as the others have said, this is a great place to come for knowledgeable support.


Just noticed my earlier post doesn't read quite right!

Should have said take advantage of these lovely people like I do........

Sounds like I'm calling myself lovely:eek: !!



hi and welcome

u moan as much as u like better out than in as they say

as for the nhs clinic i had a never smoked before nurse asked questions at the start didnt get answers so used this forum for all my queries and moans in the end i just used the clinic to get my nrt for free as i was on maternity exemption i certainly didnt rely on it for advise they are useless


Hi Rex and welcome to the board.

I've found that there are some days when I feel physically better than others. I think the changeable weather might have something to do with it as well as my body clearing out all the rubbish.

My appointment with the nurse wasn't too brilliant either, but they have a script to follow - I read the guidance for them in my area, and it was a case of 'play up the positives of quitting, and play down the negatives'. She wasn't very helpful in terms of my mental health worries, but she did know her stuff about how your body clears out. Mine didn't lecture though, she even said people smoking didn't bother her :eek:

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

And well done on day 42 :D


Well done, Rex - you must be around a fortnight head of me on your quit date. I'll catch up soon! ;)

Anyway, I have a different story to tell with regards to the NHS. My GP was happy to prescribe me Champix, but only on the proviso that I saw a "Stop Smoking Advisor" every fortnight. It is the "policy" where I live.

I suspect that the "stop smoking woman" isn't medically trained, but that is quite refreshing in it's own way. She is happy to listen to me moan for 10 minutes per fortnight, and doesn't (can't!) offer much in the way of advice or reassurance. And what I need is someone to moan at without being lectured at, so she fits the bill quite nicely!

I'm in Leicestershire... do such people exist elsewhere in the country or have I just been lucky?


Chin up rex...i bet ur nurse is a smoker thats why she cant look u in the eye when she lectures :p

Well done, ur quit is such an achievement!


Thank you for your kind words one and all. The visit was as expected and the lady suitably patronising as always but I went away a happier person.

I have officially downgraded to step 3 patches and just use the mouth spray as a boost. I took myself away for the weekend to go diving and today I am a happy bunny.

Day44 and a very happy quitter today. (Still cannot class myself as an ex smoker....)


Great to hear rex...we all have off days..glad ur feeling good now :)


Made it to 52

I don't feel as bad these days but the head aches are still there. Can't face trying to shift the weight at the moment and now the colder days are on us I fear it may be a wile as stodge cravings are becoming prevalent.

I am coughing a fair be these past 2 days. :(

All in all though I feel I am doing well. I do not feel like an ex smoker yet. Still a quitter but one day I think I will get there.



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