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Day 42! 6 whole weeks!

Wow, can't believe I have got this far. Think it's time to start telling my friends, and extended family what I have been up to, lol. I have just been avoiding having face to face contact with them for this time, I didn't want to shout it from the rooftops in case I didn't succeed and made a prat of myself but think im cautiously optimistic that I may just do this, although everyday is still a challenge and I still dare not let my guard down, I now feel I can tell them, I suppose if I do have a wobble I can always use them now knowing as an added incentive to not give in.... :)

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Yes six weeks is truly something to shout from the roof tops, of course I can understand why we keep our quits silent for a while just to prove to our self that we can and are doing it, So for now, be proud and happy at the massive six week mark.

I do wonder what your friends, family will say?

Your body should by now, be giving little rewards, soft hair, whiter teeth, smelling lovely .

So very well done from me.:):)


Allo Stackie... I'm similarly into the 6th week now.

It's been a rough yet amazing ride, and congrats to ourselves !

Totally dig the not telling too many people part. I am that way too, and have not told my Mum yet, since we do not stay under the same roof.

I'm just going take it easy, hope to seee more of your posts online !


Thanks all

Yep I think I will begin telling people tonight :)

Only people that know at the minute are my 15 year of daughter (she is the main reason I am quitting), my mum (as every time I go to hers she gets the ashtray out, and about 3 weeks ago she realised that when I was leaving it was as empty as when I arrived, lol) and 2 colleagues that I share my office with, as they are used to me tripping outside a million times a day for a fag!

Off to work now, via the shop to stock up on sweeties lol, feeling quite positive today.

Have a fab smokefree day everyone :D


Wonderful news Stacka, I too was so excited when I got to six weeks, it's almost like your brain suddenly realises that you mean it this time and there is no going back. Keep up the fab work ;)


Wow, that's great news!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell everyone, run through the streets shouting out loud :D

Excellent job, be very proud that you are now free from this addiction

Treat yourself, this milestone needs to be celebrated!

Have a great day



Fantastic achievement Stacka and I really admire your presence of mind in deciding to keep your quit mainly to yourself until you could be certain it was properly established. That speaks volumes I think. :)

Congratulations on your six weeks! I think I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you have the Penthouse firmly in your sights.


6 weeks is amazing Stacka, well done. Hope you are buying yourself something nice with money you have saved. :)


I won't be running through the streets just yet lol, for one I don't want locking up, ha ha :) and also as positive as I do feel I don't want to become complacent, I have been addicted for over 20 years so 6 weeks is a short space of time in comparison. I look at all you people's stats though and think you were in my position once, with just 6 weeks behind you, so it is possible, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, and now week by week..... i just need to keep going :D


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