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28 days today yippeee

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It has been 28 days since I quit, it seems strange that I have counted each day and it seemed to be taking forever, but looking at it from a months perspective it seems to have flown by, if that makes any sense:confused:

Anyway, it feels good to be in a new room, even if it feels a little crowded in here. Thanks everyone for the encouragement, wise words and strength in numbers.

Onwards and upwards. :D:D

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You're powering through this Jane :D That's a great milestone to reach, I bet you're proud of yourself 'cos you deserve to be!!

Well done on making it to the 28 day milestone :D keep up the good work.

Well done Jane

Perfect sense....at the beginning time goes quickly and slowly at the same time.

Very weird ..... :)

Stay strong and keep going

You're doing great :)

Take care


Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll done

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll done Jane keep it up and lets all be free and clean together :D:D:D:D

Well done jane...feels so good doesnt it.....:D

Thank you all so much for your kind words, it feels absolutely amazing. I find myself thinking about them less and less each day. I/WE will conquer this battle.:D:D

Crikey I missed this one! - Go go Jane, you've come through so much in the last few days, excellent milestone reached now. About as much chance of you losing this now as finding any beef in a Findus beef lasagne! :D

Well done Jane!! Awesome job.

D'you know, it's by the bye, but I can't think of you now without seeing that big furry headband :D

Thank you Hawkeye and Helsbelles, I have gone through an awful lot this week, my son came out of school with a broken finger and no one phoned me, I finally got a gross misconduct at work thrown out!! (possibility I could have lost my job) and a good friend of mine passed away, (still upset about this) pretty poor week but I have got through it without caving.

Hopefully this photo will replace the image of the fur headbank :D

well done Jane !! just back from my night out with a few vinos on board and thanks for your earlier reply on my post.

loving your latest pic ... but .. still love the furry headband :D

I know you've got the quit in hand but stay strong over the weekend

Donna x :)

Hi Jane, well done you. That's the worst out of the way, keep going all the way to the penthouse.

You have such a brilliant quit group going to help each other along that is going to be a stampede next dec/jan!!!

Great stuff :D

Molly x

Wow Jane what a week ! you keep going through all of that, then I dont think you are going to have any problem quitting this habit. No problem at all. Glad things are sorting themselves out for you though!

Thanks all, I don't want another week like that for a long time, I'm taking the children away on Mon for 5 days, so there will probably be more hurdles to cross, but I feel confident to do it.

Karri, I have been told that on numerous occasions, I'm never too sure whether to take it as a compliment though :D

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