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Today is day FOUR!!!!


Morning all x

Today for me is day four of being a non smoker :D going cold turkey.

Yesterday afternoon/evening was very very hard,had AWFUL cravings which would just not go away, i even went to find a lighter so I could have 'just one' :(... the remainder of that packet are now unsmokable..amazing what a bucket of water can do :p

Any way, i didn't and went to the garage,sat on the floor(as I have put my chair away i used to sit on) and tried the inhalator... It was ok, but made me cough and feel a bit chesty to be honest and gave me a bit of heartburn when I had a cuppa so wont be using that again

So,to everyone here I wish you luck still and will catch up with you all later.

I have so much time on my hands now i am a non smoker to, but still got that awful dry mouth in a morning..

Anyway, have a good day,

Magda :D xx

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So you nearly cracked....but you DIDN'T. Congrats on reaching day 4, they say the first 3 days are the worst and if you keep battling, you'll never have to do them again. Best wishes and try to post here first next time tou have a wobble :)


Well done, Magda. I am glad you resisted temptation.

It's day 4 for me too. So far I doing OK. No major craves but I am coughiong quite a bit.

WELL DONE for staying strong yesterday. You should be really proud of yourself. Have your kids noticed yet?

Don't be surprised at how physical the cravings might still feel, even though the nicotene is pretty much gone now. The mind is capable of making you feel some surprisingly strong symptoms! But it *is* all in the mind from here on. You are stronger than this stupid addiction, and you can beat it, just keep taking it one day at a time.

You will have ups and downs but it gets easier and easier, promise.

Congrats on reaching day 4!


Hey Helen :)

No! They still have not noticed! Or if they have they have not said a word, even though i am not going to the garage in the morning whilst they are eating breakfast etc etc like before!...

Oh i gotta tell you yest was THE PITS...the craving lasted all afternoon/early evening, i think it's boredom and having more time on my hands now :)

It is like you say, all in the mind,was driving back from shopping this morning, and I was thinking when I get in i'll have a cigarette before putting it away :rolleyes: ..... NOT...

Not been sleeping to well either,may be totally unrelated and i'm eating more,esp as i would smoke and not eat :o

catch you later,

magda x

Sleep disturbance is a common symptom, I'm afraid. Hopefully it won't last more than a week or two.

As for the eating - honestly, I hoovered up food for weeks, I was starving ALL the time. And I tried and failed to have 'healthy snacks' - sugar and fat were the only things that seemed to help! It's settling down though, thank God. I am now starting an exercise regime to undo all my evil biscuit-related deeds.

The 'reward' cigarette after you've done housework or chores or whatever is quite a big trigger I find. Got to find non-carcinogenic treats to replace the fags on those occasions. It feels all wrong to start with but it does get better.

Keep going! Woop Woop!


That made me smile....

lol the reward cigarette.. :rolleyes: that's exatley what is was..i can here myself sayingit now... i'll just do this then i'll go to the garage ...

Got a nice little app on my phone which tells me my stats..keeps me going...

I'm hungry again now :eek:

magda x

hey magda really well done!! your doing great :D i was also eating everything in site but its calmed down abit now just got to control myself!! lol. Also on day 3 or 4 i started waking through the nite, im on day 18 now and hopefully its passed, for the last 2 or 3 nights ive had a full nights sleep feeling fantastic!! good luck and keep going!!: :)

Thankyou B... it's nice to know we are not alone :D

we are all in this together mag!! keep going and you will make it!! the craves get easier as times goes on--i promise...just get through it!!

Well done for remaining strong.

Heres my secret backup tool..Other than Joel over at whyquit Its fun and at the same time PRACTICAL.

Enjoy the Calendar.


Good for you Magda, day 5 for you tomorrow. That first week is almost done :D

Gaynor x

day 4 is brilliant magda!

rewards are a big thing with me too! when you get to a whole week(not long now) you will feel different, your routine will be changing without you realising, all the best of luck, your doing so well :)

It's the cigarettes we have once we have done something that are hard to give up - like u say once you get the shopping etc. I have started having a lozenege instead. Worse one for me is when I have jst done the weekly shop I get in the car and im like "oh no, no fags, i stopped"! but I usually just open up the crisps and by the time i drive out the car park i've forgotton about the smoking lol just takes time for our minds to adjust to those types of cravings. I find playing good music lifts your mood if you are struggling too or lying down for a nap just to give your mind time to relax and enjoy being a non smoker :o

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