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42 Days - All is good !


Good morning all,

I haven't posted for a week, so thought I would post a little update.

Things have been great and at this stage I am feeling very strong, I very rarely consider smoking or even have cravings and I must say I have had a very stressful 7 days and this would usually be the time I would reach for my trusted cigarettes.

I've found by reading as much as possible about other people’s experiences has helped my know what to expect, this forum has really helped me.

Keep it up everyone, it is well and truly worth it.

Thanks for listening,

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Well done for hanging in there! I almost forgot it's our "6 week anniversary" today!

Going good here too. Must admit that one of the first things I do in the morning is look at my "quit counter", but that's more to look at how impressive the numbers look as a start to the day!

Totally agree Barney, I do the same thing. I check my phone every day or so just to see the figures. It makes me proud and really helps focus my efforts.

I've saved roughly £250 so far, happy days !!

Glad to hear you are going strong too my friend.

Hi franco

Good to hear you are still doing brilliantly well :)


Six weeks is looking like a serious quit now! Well done and keep it up. Hope that you have some good plans for all that money you're saving...

Thanks for the support guys, it helps more than you can possibly imagine.

Mrs T - The money is going towards furnishing my new home, all I need now is for my girlfriend to quit too but I am not quite sure how to approach this one.

Well done francob, six weeks is so brilliant:D

Thank you Zoe, sounds as if you are going strong too.

Well done.


Is Bafan99 on the 6 week mark too? I'm sure he will have made it too, even with the family get together last week!

i quid six weeks past wednesday and finding this week hard but getting there, but well done to all of us:)

Hi, yes still here, all good thanks. End of day 43.

Both the wife and mistress happy with new found cash.....:)

(bad joke)

Night night

Well done Franco, you're doing fabulously well and you should be truly proud of yourself x

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