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Hi all,

I've been trying to quit now for years and i'm afraid it hasn't happened as yet :(

I read in a paper about Tabex and was wondering if anyone has tried these and can give any information on it?

I have ordered some online and I am awaiting delivery of them to try.

I read that a clinical study found these to work well without bad side effects like I suffered with Champix.

Any advice you can give me would be great!


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I only know what I have read in the press, which said they are pretty much a herbal remedy. It is a natural nicotine substitute (plant extract). It said the people at NICE have no problem with it (ie it should eventually be passed for UK use) but obviously that hasn't happened formally and may take 2 yrs, as yet the drug is untested and unregulated in the UK.

Upon reading the web it says that unofficial tests show it's about as effective as NRT, which sounds logical if it's a nicotine substitute. That being the case it's still going to take a lot of willpower as would patches gum etc. I don't think it's a herbal Champix substitute as the success rate doesn't seem as high. However given the side effects not all of us can take Champix anyway.

If you still want to take it despite not being tested I would just be very careful until you know how it affects you. Although it's classed as herbal, there are still side effects as listed on the web which you should perhaps consider prior to using. Herbal stuff can still be very potent!

Hope this helps,



Hey, woo!

I don't know anything about it. But frankly I'm not bothered if you take tabex, lozenges, patches, gum, swallow extract of fermented lemur droppings or stick daffodils up your nose. I'm just glad you're back here and trying again.

Helen xxx


Hello Helen!!!

So glad to see a friend I recognise :) I know all the folks on here are friends but a name from the past is always great.

Glad to see you are still on the wagon and I hope that this time will be my last attempt and that they will work.

The only reason Champix didn't work as they knocked me so sick on a morning and I really couldn't face taking them however they did stop me smoking but I stupidly thought that I could last without them after only 2 weeks taking them hahaha silly me :p

Woo x


Really pleased you're still battling the demon Shaz.

Gotta agree with Helen, if it works for you then that's what matters, go girl :D


Awhhhh Pete... hello hunni, really great to see you on here and from what I can see you are getting ever so close to the penthouse :D

I am still battling to quit but I will get there, I can't see the point in smoking, I currently do uit out of habbit and as the cold weather aproches I don't fancy being stuck outside in the freezing when I could be inside in the warm :)

Well done to you all for keeping off the smokes, I miss everyone from the New Year quitters :)



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