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No Smoking Day
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A year on for Duckling

Despite what it says in my signature I had my last cig on 04/10/09 so its 1 year for me.

If someone told me that I would give up smoking and after a year suffer with the odd crave I never would have thought it possible.

Got to say this site has helped immensely, particularly my fellow Octoquits, I couldnt have done it without them ! Special thanks must go to Pol my Pal who has supported me and others with her unique humour.

So for all those newbies reading this- take heart, it can be tough at the start but read and educate yourself. To quote someone on here I would rather be a non smoker with the odd crave then a smoker hating every moment of it but totally addicted.

Today have started slimming world to try and shift the couple of stones but thats another story...

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FANTASTIC, well done duckling, great to see you made it to the fabled penthouse. Is it too early for champagne???


Great Stuff duckling MASSIVE well done to you...



Welcome duckling. It all seems a long time ago - but in another way, just like yesterday, I can still remember all those early doubts and concerns.

brilliant - congrats on your year


Congratulations Louise........a whole year, well done you.

Slimming World will not know what has hit it.....with a success like this you can do anything.

Lorna xxx


Massive Congrats, duckling :cool:

A great year and a great quit. Think you'll have to alter your sig a bit and change to, 'The Final and Successful Quit' :)


YAAAAAAAAAAY great stuff Louise!!! :D

(And it's never too early for champagne! :p )


Well done from me too duckling what a great day for you, start your second year tomorrow. It will fly by now. David


Big Well Done, enjoy your special day.

Don't worry I don't think we get craves anymore, the feeling you are getting is a memory, perhaps doing something you have not done since you stopped, can do it.



Hey Louise,

Big CONGRATS to you :cool:

Hope you've managed to enjoy a lovely bar of something before SW and got a bottle or two in for tonight?

It's a joy to see another of us Octo's get here. Despite your wobbles and feelings of not beings sure at times I had complete faith in you getting here. Quiet stubborn determination worked well :)

Today may see you join SW but more importantly, it sees your ONE YEAR QUIT .... and that me ducks, bring good reason to celebrate :cool:


All the best with year 2 ;)

Your Pal, Pol xx


Well done Duckling :D


Thankyou for all your kind thoughts looking forward to welcoming the rest of the gang , fridge full.


Hi Louise :D

Fantastic 1 year smoke free commentsyard.com/graphics/c...


Marg xxx


Congratulations on a year of 'being good' :)

Hmm what can i tell you about what to expect next?

Well, if its anything like i'm experiencing now then be prepared to forget what date it is.. what day it is.. and how long its been since you were quit for a whole year.. its strange, but you spend the first year looking towards the penthouse and being a whole year quit, but once the heat is off and the date passes, you begin to relax.. truly.. relax.. and its nice.. very very nice!

Well done to you.. enjoy.. you've earned this!



Great to see you in the penthouse

Duckling, have a grand old time.




Well done sweetheart, so pleased to see you arrive in one piece in the penthouse, it really is a massive acheivement.

See you very soon, and keep some wine for me pleeeeeeeese.

Dee xxxx:)


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