start champix later today!(07/08/2007) - No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day

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start champix later today!(07/08/2007)

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Hi everyone

i've been to my gp today and got the champix:D which i'm gonna start taking tomorrow,feeling really ready for this challenge!(hope i can still feel this positive for good!:confused: )

and i'm armed with my allan carr's "easyway to stop smoking" book;) and i did find it really helpful! i did manage to stop for about 3 weeks by just reading the book alone but my downfall was going out to the pub with other smoking friends & family(as you do)

i tried patches and gum prevoiusly and failed AGAIN due to the social side of things.

The best thing was i didn't start smoking regularly till i was 32!!!! and around the same time had to give up work due to back and joint problems so i think i fell into the smoking trap through boredem,depression, ect.(then after 6 years of different hospitals,injections,accupuncture,ect,ect i was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia & benign joint hypermobility,& last week arthritis(but all thats another lonnnnng story:rolleyes

Anyway just thought i'd introduce myself, and hope that i can turn to the forum & you guys for help and advice?

kind regards....poskit16k:)

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i did have some brekkie first so hopefully i won't feel sick?

i really appreciate any help or info any one can give me.

i am determined this time to quit for EVER!! scared of the "putting on weight thingy" as well though:(

But i've decided to take it one step at a time(i have lost weight before so hopefully if i do gain weight i should be okay!)

will have to walk my dog max if even if it is painful for me(might help all round for me! with my back n joints ect!)

felling pretty positive and determined this mornin:D might be cause the sun's shinin??

always makes me feel better when the weather's nice.

anyway.WATCH THIS SPACE! will see how it goes.

....;) poskit.

Congrats to you.

I think you will be fine as you have a good positive attitude.

One day at a time and you will get there.

Barb x

PS I have a dog called Max. Yorkshire Terrier.

thanx barb!

Well done on being a NON SMOKER!

i too will be one!! with some help from the champix,allan carr's book, & everyones help on the forum:D

my dog max is a lurcher(a very lazy :rolleyes: whippet/greyhound cross)




14th August.:) Great day as thats my 9th wedding anniversary.

My Max is 14 and has always been lazy.:D

Barb x

Aw 9th wedding anni :D lovely I want some of those, guess i'll have to marry him first :rolleyes:

Welcome Poskit x x x x

Wow that positivity will get you very far!!

~Buffy x x

Welcome Poskit :D

Good Luck for the 14th! :) :) :)

We are here if you need us.

Befly x x


i'm sure i'll have rough days but i WILL get over it;) with all your help!

thanx again..poskit:D

Welcome to the house of fun, tra la la la la.... I forget how the rest goes!


Welcome to the house of fun, tra la la la la.... I forget how the rest goes!


And from me too, Welcome, good luck, stay strong, 34th Wedding Anniversary for me this year.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx

its sumat like welcome to the house of fun....welcome to the devils den or sumat me thinks :rolleyes: lol.

good luck mate :D

yeah thats the one...lions den lmao

knew it was sumat like that lmso :D


I went to the same school as suggs hubba hubba :p

Way to go poskit.

You seem to have the same positive thinking I have, and here I am on day 22!

Keep up with the dog and you wont have a weight problem either

Together, we can all win.

CHAMPIX.....end of day one


Its really good to know you're all there for me.

today's not been too bad,i have had 4 ciggies today::( , and i've noticed that with each one i'm not that bothered wether i smoke it or not! , i went to the shop tonight and i didn't buy anymore usually i'd buy 20!(got to smoking between 15 & 20 a day, sometimes more with a drink!)

so i'm quite happy with how i've done .

i'm gonna let my lazy dog:D max out, and then i'm off to bed, (without having a night time smoke!!, so hubby will be pleased it doesnt smell like he's in bed with a dirty ASHTRAY!!

night everyone.



ps..i will post an update for you all tomorrow. nite nite

Looking good poskit x x x x

You carry on like that and it will be a breeze x x

You stay strong and positive x

~Buffy x x

poskit's day 2

hiya everyone!

Taken my 2nd tablet this morning just before my brekkie, as yet not felt sick or queezy:) (but i won't count my chickens just yet;) )

anyway will update you all later today, going out to potter about in the garden while the sun's still shining and its a beautiful ("less" smoke free day for me, than it was yesterday!! :D )

bye for now.


hahahaha:D very funny!!

HEY! just realised:eek:

i've still got a sense of humour:D and i don't want to kill anyone:rolleyes: !! eventhough i've cut down on the ciggies!!


day 3

hiya all,

got through day 2 ok(i think:confused: ) seemed to want to eat more though, and i did have 4 ciggies, but pleased with that, i've got 4 left out of my pack of 20! (i would have bought 20 a day normally) got these on SUNDAY!:eek:

Day 3....

not felt too good today! infact i've been in bed nearly all day! not had a ciggie ant all today though! not even felt like i want one,

i feel absolutely worn out,tired,light headed, even as if i've been out on a bender n drank loads of booze & i'm still abit drunk!

although! with my positive thinking head on.... IT'LL ALL BE WORTH IT IN THE END!

just wondered if any of you guys had had anything similar? and i am just normal afterall!:D (not what hubby says..haha)


Hi Poskit,

Yeah I felt like that from my 1st day of not smoking, I just laid about with no energy and didn't feel like I could be bothered to do anything! Felt like I had been drinking and felt sick without having had any of the fun of being drunk!

On the bright side I felt human again since day 5, now on day 7 thats a whole week without a ciggie! Unbelievable!

So keep up the good work it's only a few days and it will be well worth it in the end.

Befly x x:D :D

yeh thanx befly,

gonna stick with it, no worries,it's worth feeling like this, as long as it stops me from smelling like a dirty old ashtray:o .

i'm used to the aches n pains stuff,even been tired all the time, with me suffering with my joints ect, it just seems more intense at the moment though:( but if it's part of the process it will be worth it all in the end:)


my day 4!

hiya all!

reached day 4 already:eek:

feeling ALOT better today!the pack of 20 ciggies which i bought on sunday, i've just smoked the last one! wasn't really bothered about having it either,

i really do think that this champix is worth giving a go, even if you do feel abit crappy sometimes, my stop date is tues 14th august, which will be my day 8, i know the nurse said to smoke the first week if i wanted to, while the champix kicked in, but i don't think i'll even bother buying any more ciggies to get me through to tuesday,:)

but i'll see how it goes?

going to start reading allan's carrs "easyway to stop smoking" book, it really helped me last time i tried to stop, it was only going out to the pub and drinking that i got back into it, but now no one can smoke in pubs ect it will be alot easier for all of us quitters:D

anyway gonna keep busy today(now that i feel up to it, after yesterday)

will let u all know how i go on.

catchya later, poskit.x;)

Well done well done well done well done

Well done on day 4 Poskit ! I'm on day five today (as I stopped at midnight on Sunday !) so I'm right with ya..................I'm going cold turkey though. 'Er indoors (Sharkbait) is on Champix though - and is now countin in weeks not YOU CAN DO IT !

You've got Champix, Allan Carr and US to help you !!

Have a great, smoke free day - and if you get time later - walk outside, look at the sun, close your eyes and take a deep's sooooooo much nicer than a breath filled with smoke........................

Good luck and well done!

:cool: :cool:

Welcome poskit

Congrats on your quit 14 august great date I will be 5 months smoke free that day. Champix sounds like a magic drug if ever I find my self quiting again(hope not) I will defo try them Good luck Linda xxxx

thanx guys!!:)

it really helps to know that we're all in this together and aiming for that smoke free life:p

now that i've smoked that last smelly, horrible, cancer stick of a cigarette:D

i don't seem to be even cotemplating having one!(and not buying anymore!eventhough i've not set my quit date till the 14th!)

just going out to potter in the garden,the sun's shining!...... it's a beautiful day!.......the birds are singing....the butterfiles....and beeeeeeeeees......................:D aww alright maybe i am getting carried away!haha

but it is nice out, so i catch up with u all later.

bye for now


Ahh 'tis a loveeeerrrrrllly day :D

Enjoy breathing deeper :D

Am off out there too now hehehe

ttfn x x x ~Buffy x x x

Well done,lots of people have quit before their intended quit date on champix,including me


woooooooohoooooooooo! the champix is brill!!:D

not had a ciggie now since monday night!(i know i told you all i wasn't going to buy anymore when i run out at the weekend! but i did!!) went out a couple of times over the weekend, got totally wasted on sunday:eek:but i told you all That my stop date was the 14th and i have stuck to it:p!

i think its' got easier now iv'e got on to the second week of the champix cos then the dosage goes up! funnily enough iv'e not missed smoking, at all! haven't really thought about it either!but i know if i fall off the wagon(which i don't intend to do!) i can count on you guys to help me through it!!

it's soooooo nice not to smell like an old dirty ashtray! my clothes all smell nice n fresh,

anyway just thought i'd give you all an update(hope everyones' been good too?)

catch you all soon.


Way to go poskit x x x x

It is different, when I quit i notice the smell the contamination everything!! so even if i did blip i was more aware!!

Once quit you'll never stop wanting to quit!

Blips may happen but they prolong everything, no fun :(

Stay strong you are doing fantastic! x x ~ Buffy x x

Well done Poskit,:D :D

Keep it up we are all behind you.

Befly x x:D

Thanx guys(& girls!!)

really apprieciate all your support:)

it's really funny, it's as if i've never smoked! don't even think about it now. i know it's early days n that,but it's not like the other times i've tried with the patches ect. hubby's never mentioned it either! when he's come in from work? usually he calls me grumpy:mad: ect and asks how i've done.But he's never said a thing??

mmmmmmmmmm:confused: don't know what to think really!Apart from"THE CHAMPIX IS REALLLLLLY WORKING"!and i don't seem to be struggling at all!!

anyway catch you all soon.


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