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Tabex-Quit date 22-03-13 Update

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Well, been reading more around the forums as I have just come through my third smoke free week.

Amazed at how many others find you stop counting the days, but look to the weeks.

Will feel impressed when that turns to months.

My wife has been an inspiration, didn't really like to say it wasn't helping suppress the craving, the Tabex was doing that, but to see the change in her and my daughters as well, was worth quitting for.

Down to one pill per day, reduced my intake quicker than I had expected.

Found I never really missed taking the morning one, but some during the course of the day found I missed, so decided to not take that one the next day, and see how I went, so far so good.

Noticed people mentioning cig spotting in the supermarket, or should that be cig smelling. Am finding that I can detect the smell of the cig on people as we pass, that just re-inforces my need to stop. Never thought I would say that.

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Good to hear you're still going strong :D

Thanks for that, just looking forward to the future and what that will bring :)

Doing good myxi :cool:

Yes smelling smokers is quite a revelation isn't it,I can smell a smoker at 50 yards these days even smell smoke on people who I never knew ever smoked.:eek:

Must admit Max you are so right! In my early days of stopping I was waiting for my prescription at the Chemist when this young man rushed in next to me and he absolutely stank! Daresay that would have been me a week earlier!

Sorry, got side tracked, well done Myxi, you are doing great! :)

Tabex day 1

Hi, I have been reading about your experience with tabex. I myself have today started taking them and so far not experienced any unwelcome effects. I took Champix last November and they made me feel really sick from day 1, that after 4 weeks I couldn't take it anymore, and stopped them. Unfortunately I went back to the cigs also soon after. So after a lot of research about this tablet I got some on t,internet, and here we are.

I didn't even plan to start them today, but when I was mulling over what would be a good time to quit again, I knew deep down I would probably delay as long as poss and there is never a good time! Got nothing to lose by trying anyway.

I wonder how you are doing now, and if you are still smoke free, and if you had any side effects at all?



Apologise for the delay,must admit I do not have the ability to check the boards as often as I would like.

Hope things are going well on the Tabex, love to hear about it, see if anything the same or similar.

As I posted, had very little in the way of side effects, have now been totally of the pills for the best part of 2 weeks, and still smoke free.

Have notice an increase in gum bleed, which I brought up with the dentist, he suggested my gums were trying to heal and had better oxygen supply, needed to floss and brush more to encourage this.

For me personally, Tabex has been a dream to use so far, and having tried to quit on numerous occasions and failing, thought placing my experiences here would be a prime location, and to give people maybe another option, as long as you do the research and make your own mind up.

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