No Smoking Day
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Reasons for Stopping - Day One

Stopped smoking today after numerous attempts this year and I want to write my reasons for stopping down:

Hate the smell of it

Costs too much money

My breathing is worse and I feel so unfit

My friend just told me i am starting to look my age lol (that was a sore one!)

Skin is obviously looking horrible

I actually get embarassed smoking in public as I feel like a waste of space!

Think that will do for now. Feeling ok today about it, not missing it much so far and cravings are short and mild. Best of luck to everyone who is in the same boat. I really hope I can post on here in a week's time as that is going to be my first milestone :)

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All good reasons, Nutty, especially the breathing one. I couldn't believe the difference in my breathing when I stopped. In retrospect I can't believe the torture I was putting my lungs through for so long...

Keep going, stay strong, you can do this!

H x


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