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No Smoking Day
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My reason for stopping..And staying stopped!!

I fell pregnant last year with my first baby. I was smoking when I conceived and it took me longer than it should have to stop. When I stopped I did it straight away without cutting down & was really proud of myself. I stayed quit after my daughter was born but as the day's went on I was getting bored at home and things were going on which were stressing me out. Instead of buying a stress ball I brought 10 lamberts :o

I now want to quit again but am finding it extremely hard what with my new baby and recently losing my mother in law. I know I need to stop not just for me but for my baby aswell but haven't told my family I've started again so have no one for support. So I've joined this forum in the hope that there will be someone who will tell me in no uncertain terms that I NEED to stop!!

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OK I'll tell you that you NEED to stop!!!

That's what you wanted! Anyway's - I all but stopped (maybe smoked 20 he whole pregnancy) when pg with my daughter (she's 6 and a half). I got bad PND and started up again when she was about 3 months old......lo and behold and a few quit attempts down the line here I am just over a month quit and she's 6 & half!!!! Sooner rather than later I say because I've been where you are, if you are anything like I was I hated her waking up not long after I'd had a fag because I felt sure she was smelling it, bless them we're mummy no matter what but if you can be strong now then I urge you to try and not get to where I am where my beautiful girl will remember mummy smoking (even though I NEVER smoked in the house etc). I wish I had suceeded all those years ago but here I am hopefully on my sticky quit and can be a real role model for my girl!

I wish you every strength!

Jane x


there will ALWAYS be things in our lives that we find stressful. there will ALWAYS be excuses for not giving up. part of giving up is learning better ways of dealing with stress than smoking.

at the end of the day, the most stressful thing i can think of would be dying a long slow and painful death from lung cancer. check out the youtube video 'thanks tobacco, you killed my mum', a real eye opener. 5mol<er


Hi there :)

congrats on your baby!

I don't think you need to stop.... I think you need to WANT to stop, the rest will fall into place.

I was a secret smoker as well and yes it IS kinda awkward if you can't yell it out when you finally get your life back. What helped me turn the corner was quite simple: I didn't tell myself I can't smoke, I told myself I can't buy any new cigarettes. Since I was secret I couldn't bum any from anybody else. Well and if you can't buy any, there ain't nothing around to smoke. Worked for me so far :)


hi and welcome to this forum you have come to the right place for support help and advise for when you stop smoking i think you should go and see your doctor/nurse and get some nicotine replacement thearpy to help you with your quit and to help you plan for your quit day writing a list of reasons and you have your daughter as a constant reminder to encourage you to keep to your goal of becoming a non smoker :)

just try not to beat yourself up too much about smoking as that will lead to more stress and upset for you

regards carol


Firstly, welcome to being a parent. Next don't feel you have to live up to the expectations of others. If you have started to smoke again then thats not a great issue. What you have to realize is that you have just gone through a life changing event by giving birth and that your thoughts and feelings are all over the place, No1 don't punish yourself and also be true full with love ones and tell them you need their support. Hopefully you will be able to take one issue at a time and finally conquer the smoking. Never forget their are people here to support you and good luck for the future.


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