Going to be day one! ( After midnight )

Hello there to all non-smokers,

I've been waiting for this day for a long time(end of month). After midnight(1.30 hour left) i'm willing to be a smoke-free person. I was thinking of quitting smoking for years now, but this past months, i had some gum disease developed..And when i read about it a lot, %60 of gum diseases caused by smoking..For all this time, all the dangers of smoking was hiding inside my chest, since i didn't see my lungs, i didn't care about it that much, like you all..But now i see the dangers of smoking when i look at the mirror.

Anyways, (1.25 hour left) enough for today :) I'll write my feelings here day by day..

by the way, i just digged this forum digg.com/health/Quit_Smokin...

just get in to and digg, let us have more people to share their feelings :)

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  • Good luck Cat. Wish you lots of luck. Hang tight. firdt 3 days are the roughest. I can't say mine was too bad. I used the Chantix and have been smoke free a month the 7th. No cravings minimal withdraws.


  • Hello cat :D

    My daughters called cat :D short for catherine,

    Welcome to day 1 x x Hope you're holding tight and marching into non smokingdom


  • Welcome Cat

    You can do it you will be toting up the days in no time. Good luck Linda

  • I was so sure that i really did quit..

    but i failed..i did hold my self only for 1 day..

    i'm going to try again..tomorrow..hope i can do that..

  • HI cat



  • It happens cat :D

    Pick yourself up brush yourself down and try again x x

  • Thanks a lot to all you listening and supporting me. I'm working in a tv channel(CNN), too much stress everyday..Well tonight is the day again ;) ,

    after midnight..enough with the Day 1 thread. Hopefully, i'll continue to write Day 2, tomorrow ;)

  • hey Cat want a quit buddy?

    Well i'm now on day 9 on zyban which makes tomorro my day one how about we try this together?


  • What a great attitude Cat x x Good luck!!

    Best of Luck to you too dragonfly!! x x

    Both of you keep posting and let us know how you are doing! I think it's great that you are both starting off with someone else xx


  • Hi

    Good LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

    2 both of you!!!!!!


  • ok dragonfly, thats a deal buddy!

    by the way, i just smoked my last one 1 hour ago so now i'm officially a nonsmoker ;)

  • Very good luck to you both. Please let us know how things are going Linda

  • Thanks to all for the welcome and the good wishes. 16 hours now and i cant say i'm not very tempted to give in ! :confused:

    To be honest i dont think i'm actually craving nicotine so i'm guessing the zyban works (ok I'm a cynic and didnt really think it would!!) but its the habit part, i keep finding myself reaching for cigs that arent there or wondering wot on earth i was gonna do? It feels very strange!!

    Cat????? How u doing mate? Hope its going well for you, hang in there with me.;)

    Going to try n find something (anything!) to do to pass the next 8 hours without a cig cos i wanna be able to move up to day 2 tomorro:)

  • hey dragonfly hang on tight :) I'm doing pretty well actually(witout zyban)

    but i have this empty feeling inside me..its like urge for a smoke ! whenever i have that feeling, i'm eating something :)

    by the way, dont drink tea & coffee too much..

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