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New here, old hand at quitting

Hi all

I'm new :D

I am on Day 3 today, using Champix for the umpteenth time and now I'm used to all the side affects it can throw at me. So I thought I would join a nice little forum where I can whine a bit when it gets rough, which I know it will. I have also successfully stopped 3 times for months before going back to the evil weed. So had a lot of failures too, most of which I have no good excuse for other than I probably got too complacent.

I find that attending the Stop Smoking Clinic at my local GP's helps a lot as I have someone else to answer to although I have been sneaky and smoking for 5 days out of 7 for the last 2 weeks, only stopping to get rid of the carbon monoxide as they test for it. Dumb huh? Anyway I am done with that now and I'm not going to smoke any more.

So, I am back to the things that help me. Water is number one, or orange juice if I need something pretty strong to wash over the palette. Regularly dosing myself in perfume helps for some reason. Exercise. Teeth cleaning (I can't bear chewing gum). The app Brain Wave on the Ipod/Iphone has helped a LOT with that. Eating grapes and bananas. Staying busy.

Good luck everyone!

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good luck nikki, and welcome to the forum :) staying busy is important, so i'm glad you've got that in your list, education is a big deal too, so read read read! its important to understand (and believe!!) that nicotine really does nothing at all for us, that really makes the quit easier :D

keep strong, ><5mol<er


:)welcome welcome welcome!!

you are off to a great start and since you have already quit before you know what works for ya and what doesnt!!

this forum has really helped me to get to where i am today!! a great bunch stay close to the forum and have faith in yourself and your quit and you will make it this time!!


Hi Nikki

You are four days ahead if me so I will be reading with interest.

I used to cheat too but realised I was only cheating myself.

We CAN do it this time. Stay strong.

Tink x


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