new to the site and quitting tomorrow

hi i am joanne, I am 36 and I have been smoking scince i was 15 , 20 plus a day, i gave up 2 years ago for 9 moinths and found it ok...I read allen carrs book and the next morning that was that, for 9 months....until I started smoking again i got diagnosed with an overactive thyroid but before i was diagnosed I thought i was going a bit the cigs came to the rescue, i could kick myslef for smoking again i really could.

this time round it scares me , i dont know why...but I have to do it now I feel like crap and I know its down to smoking and my skin is really showing the signs as is my health, and my kids I have 3 boys who hate it....I initially thought i would wake up and think one day I have had enough and just stop like i did last time, but I havent ,so I have had tomorrow planned for a while, but as it looms I have that empty feeling.

I dont know why i am so scared this time and why i am finding the thought of it so petrifiying yet last time it was ok.

my husband is off for a week which will help me, patches are bought and support is there he has never smoked but has never put pressure on me to give up, but he has said that he is concerned about my health......and i hate smoking now.....but again I know its gonna be so hard this time.......smoking has been the longest relationship i have support, my crutch my mate.

now i have found this site, I am hoping that with the day 1,2 etc I can vent and know others will know how I am feeling......

thanks for listening/reading

jo x

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  • Hi Joanne and welcome to the forum!

    You are in safe hands on this site! some fabulous people who have a wealth of knowing how you feel, you can rant and rave-like i have AND THEY UNDERSTAND!!!

    I think you need to get excited for tomorrow-as its freedom day-no more slave to the fags!!!

    Think positive and write on here as much as you can!!!!!

  • Welcome Jo x

    Your the second Joanne thats joined this week. Congrats on your new quit not be scared its somthing great your doing. We are all here to give each other support and will help all we can. Just take a day at a time. Look forward to getting to know you. xxxxxx Dont worry I been smoking for 35 years up to 40 a day.xx

  • Hi Jo

    Welcome to this site hun :) and well done on making the decision to kick the nicotene out of your life.

    There are some great people on here with fab advise, Nic has some links as his signature and i found them really useful.

    Day 3 for me hun, its nice to have people there for you during good and bad days :)

    Good luck for tomorrow hun :)



  • Hi Denise

    Hope your starting to feel a little better Hun. xxxx

  • ah thank you all for your supportive words, I think this forum will really help me , it will make such a difference knowing I can come on here post and read , I have read alot of the threads allready as a lurker...

  • Hi Linda

    Thank you hun i am, thank good ness that has passed and thank you all so much for being there for me earlier :)



  • wow jim, I read the link you posted, how true it is......

    thats me i have allways thought i wouldnt be the one the cigarettes would hurt, it is like hitting a crossroads of a decide to put up...and take what it dishes out......or stop and get out as scary as it may be....and youll pine but in the long term it will be benificial.....and youll wonder why you didnt stop along time ago...for good

    quite spooky really

    thank you for that link jim very helpful indeed

  • Yes Jim I agree very good read thank you. xxxxx

  • First welcome and hope it goes great for you ........

  • "dad and bob" rings true, i lost my mum to cancer just under 10 years ago she smoked 20 jps and died aged 48, and also my mums female cousin died of cancer aged 53, so there are more deep routed reasons why i want to quit, the thought of my kids with no mum and i have this "the women in my family/cancer) thing in my head......yet it never shocks you enough at the time to quit does it, its not until i get older that realism sets in.

    thank you so much for the welcomes all of you x

  • I know its only nearly 1pm, but so far ok...this morning i did not know what to do with myself as i am a cup of tea and fag person within 10 minutes of getting up.and that screwed me up a bit....i am feeling quite hyperactive, i think i am purposely being this OH bless him has gone to tesco to stock up on water, fruit juice(need the fruit juice, as my cigarrettes help me go to the loo )TMI I know.

    But not feeling as bad as i thought i would be....I think its the mornings though i am going to struggle with...and my first cup of tea.....sounds daft but i dont drink tea hot i have a fag then by the time i have finished my tea is cool ennough for me to

    again thanks for the welcome.

    jo x

  • Well done you,

    Keep up the great work!



  • well done on giving up the caffeine i am a tee freak...i hate coffee but love the smell.......i started the no caffeine after 6pm the other prepration as i knew my sleep would be disrupted once i gave up smoking....and i have a crap sleep pattern at the best of far so good though....back at college tomorrow....hoping classes wont be messed up and have to wait thats when i know it will be hard as we tend to have a cigarette to pass the time away.....

    i have crossed stitched today not done that in years, also been twice to homebase to buy

    but i am pretty pleased...

  • Well done Joanne, keep it up hun you are doing great :)



  • Well done Joanne

    First day almost done the morning are the worse for me but they do get easyer. Once you have done things a few times you get used to doing it with out a fag. Your doing good keep it up. xxxx

  • a yankee candle and a plant, then went back to buy a vinyl table cloth...yep no shoes or clothes, not even a nice lamp but a vinyl table cloth......woop woop lol

  • a yankee smelling candle...joking....they are good quality candles...a nice fresh smelling can get nice vinyl table cloths nowadays.....if your intersted lol...

  • lol you are all making me laugh!!!!!

    I remember those vinyl table cloths!! in the 70s' the patterns were REALLY BAD!

    theyve moved on with the times now!

    Go on bibleblack you know you want one!! think of all the money you have saved by not smoking -you probably could afford a box of em!!

    WELL DONE JOANNE!!!! keep it up!!! xxx:);)

  • Hay BB

    Your showing your age now. HEHE.xxxxx

  • Stopping Tommorrow

    Tomorrow is my quit date,I have been smoking 20 a day for over 30 thirty years and am determined that this will be the time I will quit for ever.

    I am going to use patches and have been using hypnotherapy and meditation downloads over the last few weeks to get myself in the right frame of mind.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow and hope that all the preparation and research will help me.

  • Hi there Aniem

    Good luck for tomorrow, have a read of the sites in my signature too to help get your mind in the right place.

    Post often


  • good luck with tomorrow annie

  • good luck for tomorrow..get to 72 hours and all the nicotine will leave your body..then the battle with the mind will begine..remember its a process not an event..just concentrate and keep a clear mind...i also remember the vinal table not the only one why does..were have all the years gone to ..are well will say no more,,,keep the faith tony

  • All the best for tomorrow Annie. You sound very positive and prepared.

    Joanne, well done for getting through the day.

  • hello joanne

    welcome to the forum good luck with the quit

    love margaret

  • day one almost finished

    Hi everyone,not long in from work.Had a good day,it wasn't as hard as I thought it might be.Avoided most of the triggers,coffee etc.

    Feeling very proud of myself but being very careful,don't want to mess up.

    I feel I have achieved something by not smoking today.

  • Well done Annie

    Congrats on your first day thats fab. Keep up the good work. xxxxx

  • Thank you for the support everyone,I feel very positive at the moment,hope it lasts.

    I kept smiling all day when I told everyone I had stopped smoking.


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