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Clap hands here comes stinky

Day 11:

Ok , not only do I have weird dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night I'm now getting a feeling of "Something is missing". Especially after a meal.

I know what that "something" is and it can go take a hike, coz I don't ever want to be that stinky, unhealthy, wheezing smoker ever again.

Anyway, this morning my Team Leader dropped me in the "poo" again, he does it all the time. A sure fire way of getting me reaching for the "Cancer Sticks" but I fought that fight and I came out tops.

Just need to load my gun and shoot my Team Lead:D well maybe I don't need to shoot him coz he smokes like a "lum" and STINKS!! so Big Burt Lungcancer may get him:cool:

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Yes I know that feeling well! I've been trying to re-train my brain into beleiving it's the cup of coffee I'm waiting for first thing in the morning and directly after meals. I can tentativeley say that I think it might be working.......

I had a chuckle thinking about your team leader. I've got revenge on a few people by LOUDLY ASKING THEM IF THEY HAVE JUST HAD A FAG :D

I can now smell a smoker from 10 paces, my sense of smell is fantastic!

Did we used to stink that bad ? :o



Pip, I can only assume we did smell that bad.

Regards my Team Lead, I just don't get on with him on any level. He's one of those guys who like to make others look bad while making himself look good, he withholds information and does not lead the team - I probably need to be on another forum talking about this guy


Hi jimmer,

I can relate to the 'something is missing' feeling. My hands keep reaching out for phantom cigs which are not there. But guess its part of the process. Keep sniffing ya stinky team leader and remember you are better than him. YOU don't smoke yaay;)

Stay strong,




Your team leader is hardly making himself look good if he STINKS is he?? Bet everyone else hates him too:D



Jimmer I think there are a few like that, that's how they get on in life I'm afraid.

As Zoe said, try and rise above it, you are better than your Team Leader as you don't smoke, and smoking will certainly hold them back in the long run.




Damn those pesky Phantom cigs!!

team lead is certainly disliked around here (hate might be a bit to strong a word)


Pip you are a wicked woman LMAO:D

I've got revenge on a few people by LOUDLY ASKING THEM IF THEY HAVE JUST HAD A FAG

Will defo do that when I'm stronger:D

Did look at a guy who was smoking in the street - he then looked at his fag and I could tell he felt guilty. I have no compunction about making people feel guilty about smoking, it could save their lives.



Too right Zoe, it's probably all the people that made me feel so bad that helped me decide to give up in the first place.

I despised them when I was smoking, you know, the holier than thou brigade, but i think that slowly I may be joining them :o

I always felt guilty, probably with every smoke because I knew I shouldn't be doing it, and it probably drove other people mad like my poor Mom who gave up years ago but was subjected to my smoking. Bless her though she always understood the need to smoke and never complained.....too much!!

Pip x


Sorry jimmer, hate is a bit of a strong word:o Meant your team lead prob not very popular. Phantom cravings - good news is I spend lot of time on the 'puta so plenty to do with my hands :)




Months before my quit I noticed I was becoming guilty each time I lit up, I knew it was a "mugs game" and was affecting my health.

I also kept my smoking a secret from my brother who detests the habit and blames smoking for causing our mothers cancer.

But... onwards and upwards to a healthier life style and as always, we don't stink like an old ashtray


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