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No Smoking Day
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Many Quit Attempts. New Here! Day 8

Hello All,

Found this site on my first day of stopping, I am now ending day 8 without a cigarette and thought I would share my experience so far.

This must be about my 20th quit attempt to date. In this time I have tried many methods including: nicotine replacement, hypnotheorapy, cold turkey, e cigarette's and many many more. My best attempt stopping was for a period of just over three months but most around a week before cracking. I am a 25 a day smoker.

So how does it feel this time? To be honest this attempt so far (Touch wood) has been 10x easier than previous attempts!

The main reason for this is all down to what I have just finished reading: Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking. I was forced to read it by a family member who had successfully stopped after reading it. The book is fantastic! I would never have even picked up a self help type book before as I thought it was only for the stupid that could easily be mind washed. But really wow! It quite literally takes away every reason you think you need / like to smoke. So anyone who like me has failed a few times, GIVE IT A GO. It even tells you to continue smoking whilst you are reading it!

I have found previously that I have been more comfortable and successful quitting cold turkey than any other method! I am very anti nicotine replacement and cutting down - because I believe it is the worst torture you can subject a smoker to.

So yes I am on day 8 and feel pretty good actually! I may need a stronger chair to sit on soon and a new liver.....only joking not that bad! but yes slight weight gain and increased alcohol consumption.

I hope I continue like this, and that someone else may benefit from my post like I have from others on this site.

I will keep posting the progress!

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end of week two and beginning of week three!

Thank you joan for your previous vote of support! The last couple of weeks have been tough! Day 18 was the worst...I actually queued to buy a pack at tesco's...and ended up buying just gum! Good job it was a long line, as I had time to reason with myself!

At the moment a can go up to about three / four hours without thinking about it. Sometimes I can instantly dismiss the thoughts / feelings, but most of the time it takes a couple of houyrs to relax again!

I think I'm doing ok? I have not smoked after all! I seem to have lost the ability to deal with any stress...I just explode! Don't know if anyone else has experienced this?

I am just starting to get a handle on the food consumption ;) Not 'chain eating' crisps and biscuits so much.

Anyway to anyone thinking what I thought: ' god it's day 18...I have no nicotine dependancy apparantly....why the hell do I feel like this....it's not worth it... I can't do it'

Think again the next day or hour can feel great...just battle on with it. I just told myself: 'I have not got this fat for nothing....and i'm not willing to be a fat smoker' lol


Well done hun, we are near enough about the sametime on are quit.

It's hard there is no easy quit, we just have to cope the best we can.

I myself don't feel to bad now, the worst time for me is in the morning but as the day goes on my craves subside, I am saving the money I would have smoked away and that is keeping me positive. So keep strong keep positive and most of all don't smoke. Joan xxxx


Thanks for the tips and support! Much appreciated!

I did rave alot about Allen Carr's easy way in my frst post Karri! The book is good but he is wrong about the easy part! For most I think, the book provides a good message to help you stop and deal with the psychological dependancy perhaps? I know many people who have stopped with NRT and I'm sure Karri you will be no exception...keep it up! For me the biggest thing I took from the book, was the whole 'nicotine slave' thing....hence my anti NRT approach.

Hi joanie, nice to hear from someone at the same stage. Sounds like it's going ok for you? Which I could save the money! For me it just converts to alcohol / food! (I'm sure this may change soon) Yes the mornings are very tough! I found it helped to make yourself a different routine. Instead of 4 of you know what in the first hour! I now bring my laptop downstairs... make tea and toast...and check my emails and read in here...helps to reinforce your feelings and determination. But well done to you! It can only get easier now surely?


Having a really tough day today!

It is almost like 'as it gets easier, it gets so much harder' You seem to let your guard down! At the beggining it is a real fight...when that 'fight' has gone / reduced, you seem to lose the fight yourself....it may be the most dangerous time don't you think?

No, I have not smoked! but was just so shocked to feel so very weak willed today. It is now I think the end of day 25 fo me! (I have saved myself 625 cigarettes already)

Really it's the most odd feeling...I feel in control but not if that makes any sense. If there were cigarettes in the house, I don't know whether the temptation would be too much! (Is this bad mentality) Currently I would not buy or ask for one...

Anyways sat with bottle of wine now and crisps lol! :) Hope others are having a better day.


oh p.s, if anyone can tell me how to move / link my post to week 3 and beyond that would be great! I don't want to break any rules..


Hi djkb

Sorry you've had a bit of a rough time today, but really well done for sticking with it. I think you are so right about letting ones guard down. Just as we start to think 'HA HAH I'm cracking this' woosh along comes a craving!

But you didn't give in - brilliant!

Drink the wine, relax and be proud of maintaining your quit!



You're doing great, you're always going to have weak and strong days... you just have to use the strong times to get through the hard times and you're all set.

I don't know if you wrote down a list of reasons why you quit...? It would help to re-read these. Remember how terrified you were (we all were!) of quitting as a smoker - yet, why did you try to quit so many times? There must be a reason that gave you bravery to keep trying... you're almost at a month now and that's amazing :)

Care for your quit - read online links, re-read Allen Carr, write down what you've gained from this whole experience etc. If you don't do these things then you're in danger of become complacent about your quit - not good! :P

By the way, you can post a new thread in week 3 by going into the week 3 section on the forum and I think it's on the top left you click start new thread :)

Hope you have a better day today! Stay strong!


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