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Day three (Deja vu anyone?)


Yes, Day three for me (again) and....very tentatively I'm going to say:

I'm doing ok....?

Well, I'm clenching my jaw a bit and consciously have to relax it. I've got that empty feeling and a bit of anxiety. A bit like how you feel when you've left the house and know you've forgotten something but don't know what that something is.....that's how my anxiety feels.

I want a cigarette but I keep asking myself...What am I missing? What is it about smoking that makes me really want to do it? The answer is...nothing and that thought is keeping me together and going at the moment. There is nothing to miss, there is not one thing that I want back.

Saying that - since lunch it's been hitting me in waves, but I keep holding on because I know it will get better.

It will get better.

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Thanks Karri...still going...

Hiya hun. Hopefully you've managed the rest of the day, and when you get up tomorrow you'll be on day four and maybe over the worst. It will get better, you know it will. But if you need something to help you, then take something. No point putting yourself through it when you don't have to. Read back through your old posts and remember why you're doing this. You're still my quit buddy, and I'm rooting for ya xx


Hi Looper,

How's it going today, did you manage to get over day 3? Keep positive and keep remembering the reasons you have for quitting. Get up and do something different when the cravings are bad. Keep us informed on the forum for support.

Morning Guys :)

Karri, I shall just keep on Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' - my wagon, I mean. Not tobacco or anything!

Hi Rachel - actually I'm doing alright....and if we were face to face you would hear the surprise in my voice when I say that :p.

I'm doing o.k. I'm not giving up on giving up, I know that smoking makes me feel bad and that not smoking makes me feel better, physically I mean. I know I don't want to poison myself anymore and that is all smoking is...a self administered poison.

I'm finding this almost...easy (that's not exactly right but I'm struggling to accurately describe how I feel). I've not had any major tantrums, I have not stuffed my face, I want this to it's happening.

Woody...we're getting on the bikes in a mo to post my daughters hand drawn easter cards for her friends, then go swimming, then shopping, then housework, then maybe a bit of gardening...I think I've got it covered :D

quit smoking for 4months.

and i have spent the last 3/4weeks smoking again.

i had a terrible time quitting last time, wondering if this time will be easier in terms of symtoms due to only smoking for a month prior. hmmmm.

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