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No Smoking Day
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Can never get past day three

Hi all

Am getting desperate. Have just failed my quit for the millionth time - I can never get past day three- don't know what's wrong with me.

In the past it's always been a cold turkey attempt. This time I used patches - have been feeling really dizzy and headachey since day 1 and today had to take the day off was feeling so awful, had an intense craving when I eventually managed to crawl out of bed - by the time I got to the shop it had gone but I bought a pack anyway and smoked three between 1pm and 7pm. I stupidly kept the patch on and have been feeling absolutely awful all evening I feel so dizzy that I've crawled back into bed - trying to figure out how to make tomorrow a new day...

Please help :-(

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So sorry to hear your having such a rough time! Maybe the patches aren't for you, maybe you could speak to someone at your local cessation clinic and they could suggest something else like spray, lozengers or maybe get Champix from your doctor.

I think the best advise is to mentally prepare yourself by read, read, read. Have you got any of the stop smoking books such as Allen Carr? Also I find this site really helpful woofmang.com/


I'm sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. I agree with Tea and if you are able to see a stop smoking advisor they'd be able to help find something more suitable. I tried patches once and only lasted about half hour with it on. The only NRT I have been able to use is the 1 mg lozenges. Even though I smoked quite a lot, the 2mg lozenges were too much for me. Whatever form of NRT you use, although it will help, you will still need to be strong and have lots of willpower. You know where you want to be, you have to believe in yourself you can get there.

I think if you could get past that day 3 block that would be a big boost for you. Get through it any way you possibly can, getting through an hour at a time. Post on here if you have to, there is usually somebody around to help. Have a think about your triggers too. I made a tiny change in the route I walked from the tube station to my office and it really did help not walking by the spot where I'd lit a cigarette every day for the past 15 or so years.

And as Mrs M says, there are plenty of books which may help you. I've not read any but Allen Carr seems to come highly recommended.

Wishing you the very best of luck.


Hey, I'm no pro like the others here. But one thing I can say with conviction is that Champix with regular visits (in my case every week, was at one today) to your GPs stop smoking clinic may work for you. I would definitely recommend you go in and have chat at your local clinic.

It will happen it's just a matter of time.......


I tried a couple of times before and always failed on day three - this time I held on into day 4 and it did get easier (not plain sailing but easier).

Hold on in there, you can do it.


This is what I did:

I decided I was going to quit smoking. I knew it would be crap. I accepted it would be hard. I already told myself I would feel rubbish. I didn't expect it to be easy at all.

So, I basically stopped. Said "that's it. No more, and I don't care how crap I feel or if I have to spend a few days in bed".

Within a week I was over the worst and then it just kept getting easier and easier.

Don't be scared by the fact that you'll have a few crappy days. That's fine. You're just getting the crap out of your system and letting your body settle back down.

Good luck.


Keep trying is the best thing you can do. Dizzy and Light headedness can be a symptom of quitting or maybe you don't get on with patches. If its due to quitting it could be that you are breathing faster than you usually do and slowing down your breathing by learning breathing exercises would help you. I would see your GP to rule out patch intolerance, keep posting and join a local quitting group. Welcome aboard


I used Champix and it's worked really well for me, but you really need to want to stop. I had my motivations in the beginning which kept me on the right path, and came off the tablets last week and feel brilliant (and that's despite all sorts of the brown stuff hitting the fans all around me recently).

The thing is, once you finally get past the dreaded day 3, it does get easier. I promise :)

Keep popping on here, as the support these guys have given me is second to none :)

<starts group hug>


Some really good advice here, Struggling- sorry you're having such a hard time. Personally, I'm with Tea- if you are in the UK and have a local smoking cessation service do give them a go. I know it is a bit of a postcode lottery but if you happen upon a good one they'll tailor your quitting aids for you as well as give you lots of support and monitoring.

Please don't go away will you? The forum is such an invaluable resource and support network and the combination of the two could be just what you need to get you over the Day Three Hump (which is. without doubt, the most pants time :rolleyes:).

All the best to you and may the next one be The One. :)


I Agree it is worth trying Champix. Try your local NHS stop smoking service.

Malvin, like the retro 70s LUFC badge!


Day 3 is definately the worst day cold turkey Imho....so getting to day 4 5 then first week is going to really up your confidence and will power.Just don't have one.Choose not to smoke on day 3. not one never! .

What mg patches are you on,are they too strong? I always went down the nicotine rather than up when I was on my hundreds of quits ( your not alone there)

I echo what the others have said too,take it all on board keep posting keep ranting,you,lol feel rubbish you,lol feel proud..Please stick with this and hopefully we can all help you into week 2......

We've all been where you are and this forum will really help x


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