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day three

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ooooo... its the dreaded day 3 :eek:

And im still here :)

Not smoking is playing on my mind so much its unbelivable - its the only thing im thinking about , and i wish that would stop cos ive really got lots of other things which i should be thinking about too.

these nicotine patches stink - ive been walking round all morning trying to work out why i can smell cats pee - and its not -its me! (well the patch) i usually put them on my thighs (theres lots of space there) but today i wacked one on my arm , and now i keep getting nasty wafts - gonna have to douse myself in perfume - yuk

this mornings feeling issssss......acceptance:D

so that is good

have a nice monday everyone

daizy x

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Well done Daizy, day 3 already :)

Keep the chin up, you're doing really well :)

Well done on getting to day 3 Daizy!

The way I see it, smelling of cat wee is surely better than smelling of smoke? Loads of people smell of smoke, cat wee will give you that slightly eccentric air which in turn will make you more interesting to people and you'll be too busy talking to interested strangers to think about smoking.

*Wonders off to stray cat's home*

Seriously though, well done!

lol - thats one way of looking at it :D

thanks mr white + blondie for the replies

Its goin back on the leg tomorrow though:)

think the smell is fadeing (or im getting used to it :eek:)

maybe my nose has lost the plot karri - did/does anyone else notice the smell??

prehaps its a dud one?

Random question - Do you own a cat?

kind of , but it lives across the street with someone else lol - ive had him ten years now , and he hasnt lived here for the last two - hes had enough of the dogs i think, but he did pop in for some milk this morning

but ive smelt every thing and its definatly coming from the patch.

like i say - back on my legs tomorrow, hiding away where i cant smell it - not right next to my nose

I'd get someone else to have a sniff and see if they can notice the smell. If they do it might be a dodgy batch?

If you're going to be giving off the smell of tinkle, and have it in the lower areas it may imply you've had a little accident?

Dont know what to reply to that Mr White!

Just dont think that anyones nose will be so close down there lol , also theres the trouser covrerage to take into consideration, and also my nose might just have gone a littlr loopy from lack of smoke

the smells not so strong now - only when i snif it really close - not wafting anymore

right im feeling smelly and skanky now

wish id never said anything:rolleyes:

Wasn't sure how strong the smell was, maybe should have asked more questions before declaring you're going to stink. Apologies.

arrr thats ok . Hubby says he cant smell it atall . so i dont feel so bad now:)

:D:D:D Priceless. Thanks Daizy, giggled my way through the last 10 minutes, brilliant stuff! Cheered me up no end!

I think you must be having the nasal equivalent of hallucinations?! If there is such a thing.

Whatever it smells of it's working though, so well done!!

Glad you managed it una, im not to good at computery stuff - but that made me think - if i did it anyone can - but i think the counter on mines gone pear shaped - it says ive quit 3 hours more than i have - which is good - but not right , wonder what happened there?

Yea thats what my hubby said - maybe ammonia ??

think nose has gone hyper sensitive today :confused:

my counter thingy is working again now and lost the 3 extra hours that were on it for no reason - so thats good

It might be the plasticy side of it. I think it smells like some tapes you get in DIY stores and they have that sort of cats pee smell. But then I think cinammon smells of bum so maybe my nose has lost the plot too :)

PMSL ... Cinnamon... bum...!!!!! Eeeeeew, I LOVE cinnamon, or I did :D :eek:

You'll remember this conversation when you're doing your mulled wine at xmas PMSL :D

I have visions of myself half way through a glass of the nicely mulled and spitting it all over someone as I remember that cinnamon smells of bum!!!:D:D

lol :D

day 3 done and dusted :)

early night for me

Well done Daizy. Sleep well and wake up all fresh and nice smelling!!

ill try :D


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