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Day three over - yipeeeeeee

Hi all - I have not had a ciggie since tues night- so three days clear with champix- finding it easier with these tablets than ever before when i have tried to give up - but worrying about day four ! i know if i can get over that it will be the worse over with :) the dreams are amazing and i think i'm getting used to going on adventures with each sleep -eating loads but feeling proud i've managed to do this with four kids at home - half term - raining and not lost the plot and grabbed the cigs outta the cupboard ! the x-box is great at taking my mind off things ,as i would of read a book with a cig - any advice on how to get thro day four ? :cool:

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hi donna and well done stopped smoking with four kids and half term thats a great achievment i also stopped with four kids but am lucky can go to work for some peace... :) it seams you are doing really well and my advice is keep going you obviously have the will power because you are al;ready day three and done the worst already!!:)


Hi Donna and well done to getting through Day 3:D Don't worry about Day 4, the nicotine is all out of your system by then so it's easier. I had a great Day 4:cool:




Well done Donna Dreamer...only on Day2 myself so I'm worried about Day3 heh. Good luck with it but like Zoemac has already said the nicotine has gone by 72 hours so Day 4 should feel like the end of Day 3...and you got through today....You can do it. Lisa X


thanks all :)

it was reading your posts hot and cold that inspired me to join the forum !! i saw how well you were doing after reading a post from day four ! hopefully all will be well tomorrow - i,m not so much worried about smoking because i'm sure i'm that determined this time after- past cold turkey / patches / hypno failed attempts - but i really don't wanna be grumpy cos of it - last few days before kids go back and i wanna enjoy it without being stressy !! will update on here how it goes -and Lisa stick with it and we can both encourage each other :)


Well Done Donna

thank you..

you have made the decision to quit and have your reasons for that

probably something to do with your four lovely children.

i cant promise you it will be easy, but can promise you as much support as you need!! being grumpy is just a state of mind and you might want to snap ocasionaly but need tostay strong ( and remeber you would get stressed even when you smoked:confused:) three days already



sorry forgot to say would really like you to join our group october 2011 go to quick links then social group and you well find us there!!:) there is a way to send an invite but am not that clever!:p


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