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Entering day three screaming and kicking!


well well well...I'm here the dreaded day 3...and feel like crap, I just want to pull my hair out today and sit in a corner and cry.....please tell me this is the worst it is gonna get...I am so tempted to get some sort of NRT just to calm my nerves.....

sorry for been so negative, but I just feel so glum today..watch out work colleagues thats' all I can say (although they have been absolutley ****** wonderful with me, inc. a big well done text off my boss this morning)

have a great day non smokers-because I am sure as hell I'm not :eek:

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It will get better hun just try and focus on the reasons why your quitting and just remember the benefits your going to be seeing the further along the quit road you go

plus all that extra money you can save and spend on treats for yourself :)

now deep breathes and keep repeating i choose not to smoke today

They say the third day is the worst. If you can keep going CT it is best and it will gradually get easier. I gave in on the third day and put a patch on. Perhaps if I had found this forum I would have got through it.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that most serious cravings were associated with threes; third day, third week, third month etc. Worst day I ever had was actually after 9 months. All I can say is cravings do get less and do get easier to overcome. You've done over 48 hours, all nicotine is flushed from your body now. Its all in the mind from here on. Not easy, but most definitely doable.

Good luck. And look forward to sticking to two massive fingers up to your partner in a few weeks time.

Obviously that's for achieving the quit, not giving him the heave-ho!

Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for being on Day 3, SweetB.:)

If you are tempted, just remind yourself of your huge achievement so far.....you wouldn't want to throw that away, would you? :eek: It can be a hard and bumpy ride to smoke-freedom, but you are now three days into your journey and it does get easier, honestly.

Think back to Sunday; how amazed would you have been if you had known then, that on Wednesday you would be on Day 3, yes, DAY 3 of your quit! See how amazing you are, SweetB. :D

It's Nicodemon trying to tempt you back; look at it that way. When you feel tempted, just tell him to s*d off because you are amazing and he is just an old weed! :p

You are doing so well, and I going CT cannot be easy. I do believe that there is no harm having a little help if you need it. I'd much rather hear that you had to have a piece of gum or bobbed a patch on than hearing you say you had a cig!

You've done fantastically well. :)

Oh SweetB

I done you a massive reply and dam lost it to look up something I read in Allen Carr's easyway book DOUBLE DAM..!

Have you got his book? If not I strongly recommend you buy it or download it !

I have both and I tell you that man (in my opinion) is genius and states the obvious...what we need to be reminded of from time to time.

I still pick up his book from time to time even now.

TAKE IT IN SMALL steps ok....just get through your job and don't think about this evening yet...small steps...10 min chunks if you like..don't give up!

If NRT will help you do it ! Like you I did consider ecig but so glad I didn't now..because I feel entirely clean from the demon :)

Thinking and routing for you today :)


ps....if you are like me you will prob ball your eyes out when reading your replies ...just sheer relief that people ...we here DO UNDERSTAND

Hi Sweet b

I'm day 14 cold turkey and am feeling much better the last week or so. Day 3,4 and 5 were pretty rough but after that i think it really settles down, You've done the worse of it and soon your start thinking about it less and have moments when you feel really proud, gradually it will get easier i promise.

hang on in there its well worth it.


'Think back to Sunday; how amazed would you have been if you had known then, that on Wednesday you would be on Day 3, yes, DAY 3 of your quit! See how amazing you are, SweetB. ' Think Noggin said this....and it hit home,

sorry for not replying but I have to have sneaky looks on here at work, and can't reply....dam work policy....and YES! I did start to cry!!

Well my boss could see I was in bits today so let me stomp out of work 30 minutes ealy...she said she would rather me not smoke and for her to keep her sanity...what she did notice though...was I have had my head down working like a maniac...to the point where I was asking for more work!!

Well, I didn't go for any NRT...I bought some airwaves gum,and chewed through the whole packet....

I feel exhausted!!! I do want to say that you lot have influenced every decision that I have made today-and all for the better so THANKYOU!

still in my work clothes so off for a shower, snuggle down, and then watch the minutes ticking-I have found the evenings go soooo slow xxxx

Thankyou!!! Kat

You and 'wequit gang' have been amazing.

My next big step I'm worried about is the weekend-I'm away for the weekend consisting of drinking, eating and more drinking with friends who ALL smoke...thats' gonna be a battle :eek:

But I will keep reminding myself of the hell I have gone through these last 3 days-I hope I don't but people off reading this thinking of quitting...I am abit of a drama queen.

25-30 a day....to zero cold turkey not bad going so far :D

25-30 a day to zero is not bad at all!!! keep telling yourself that, be proud, and hopefully by next weekend you can watch your friends smoke and when you watch them maybe your see it for what it is, there not enjoying it, there not having more fun than you are, they are just trapped in their awful addiction, watch them inhale that smoke into their lungs, i bet by then you will be feeling sorry for them that their not quite as strong as you are yet!

keep going, keep strong


You're doing brilliantly SweetB :)

Was smoking slightly less than you, and know it's tough but you can do it!!

Have a nice weekend, but do watch how much you drink 'cos it makes smoking look a lot more attractive :eek:

Maybe take something you can pretend to smoke if you get a big crave, or some NRT so if you feel you're going to cave you have that instead?

Or a 0 nicotine e-cig?

SweetB.....are you here?

If you are still quit....you are even more amazing than you were!:)

If you are not still quit, come and try again. Many quitters have a few goes before they succeed and the support that you get will be just the same as it was before.:)

Val :)

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