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Deja Vu!

Hello Everyone

Well, tail between legs, I'm start all over again. Some of you will remember me from my first foray in to this delightful forum and, despite all sorts of circumstantial odds, I managed to sustain 'not smoking' for quite a few months, and then life just got a bit too much and I drifted off and started smoking again about a month ago. Sigh.......

But I can't afford to keep dallying with the temptation (nor the practice!) of smoking anymore as my health has really suffered to the extent that more life changes have had to occur. So I'm back, rather sheepishly (baa, baa) as I know I can't do this without you guys. I got a bit overwhelmed with trying to keep up on the forum despite it being my best aid so I can't make any promises of a super-performance on these pages, but I know I need to stay 'in the fold' so to speak, as you guys know what you're talking about. Feel really quite down about it all but I know that overall it's not the 'fall' that counts, but the getting up and getting on with it.

I'd love to know how you're all doing and please do remind me of how long you've been a quitter as I know that would really encourage me and remind me, this can be done!

Lots of love,


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TeeeeeeGeeeee! Bless your cottons. How fab to get a post from you. Thanks for your encouragement. Too right - this is THE ONE!! Damn the puff-puffs. Hope you're well :) x


You can do this, BP :)

Come on!!


Dear Badge, how absolutely blindingly lovely it is to see you again! :D I was thinking of you just the other day and wondering what had happened to you. Your posts were always so inspiring and we all missed your wonderful sense of humour. Welcome back to the fold.

I'm sorry you lost your quit of course, but hey- we've all been there- and you're here now and that's all that really matters. With us lot to chivvy you along (snd there are some right nutters on the forum who may well slap you with a wet mackeral if you start to wobble) how can you possibly fail? ;)

I'm especially glad you're back as (all being well and shameless plug) I shall be entering the Hallowed Halls of the Penthouse a week Monday (8th December) and your presence is required at the party so get that virtual drinking arm in practise. :)

May your first smoke-free weekend of this (your final) quit be an easy one.



Thank you Tea, Karri, Steve, and Skidders. IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK IN THE FOLD!! It's an incredible deja vu with all the cravings and mental shananigins feeling like I had never given up smoking before, ie. it doesn't get any easier! Guess that's the definition of an addiction, huh?!

So glad that I intuitively made it back in time for your amazing graduation-to-be into the Penthouse, Skiddie. How utterly amazing, wonderful, and what a fantastic achievement indeed. What a party it's going to be. Time to get out the tinsel.

I must remember that that is a fantastic goal and I certainly need a slap around the chops with a wet mackerel - that would wake me up?! I know I need to 'care' enough to persevere through the temptations. Sometimes I find I have this 'I don't care' or 'sod it' kind of ambivalence to whether I pick up a stick or not and I know, part of it for me, is an unwillingness to take radical self-responsibility... But hey, enough beating oneself about with a wet fish - I think positive reinforcement is more the way (and the incentive) to go. Hearing about your impending 1 Year Anniversary Skid is incentive indeed.



Welcome back,Pup

I am a bit surprised your resolve failed as I thought of you as rock solid

Thanks for your hello Max. Well, exactly! None more flummuxed than I! However, I read a post this morning of someone who gave up for 9 years and went back. It can happen and unfortunately did for me. I need to fall in love again with not smoking, which was what happened by the end of month 2 or thereabouts. I tell you, the bloomin' self-pity doesn't help, that's for sure!


Aaaah welcome back Badge, good to see you :) doesn't matter about the failed attempts, your back and determined and that's what counts, you"ll nail it this time mate xxx


I wonder if I really want to give up? I've smoked again and feel much more ambivalent this time 😯 so no Day 3 for me. Will start again tomorrow. ..


Morning Badge & Karri,

May you both have a better day today. I do believe you both want to quit- why else would you be here? Start with a clean slate today and this time next month you'll be celebrating the start of a completely smoke-free year with a whole month already under your respective belts.

Come on now- back on the horse the pair of you. :)


I am sorry to hear that you fell off the wagon Badgepup. All I can say is, I hope you remember why you wanted to quit in the first place and get the strength to quit again.


Hi Badge, pleased to see you back, laughed at the Badgepupflop signature, you aren't though. We have all been there on previous quits so if at first you don't succeed.....Good luck Badge xx


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