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going for the first night out

ok so, tomorrow night, which is tonight for those of you waking up and readin this in the uk, will be my first night out with the girls from work since i quit:eek: thankfully most of them are non smokers:) im only going for a couple hours after work...ill take baby steps!! i have now been quit for almost 11 weeks and i do finally feel very confident in my quit to resist this temptation!!

so everyone wish me luck with having a few drinks with the girls smoke free!! ill let ya all know how it goes! hope all is well with my fellow quitters! I GOTTA DO THIS...I HAVE COME SO FAR AND I CAN DO THIS...I CAN BE NORMAL..WELL SORT OF :rolleyes:

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Tons of luck being sent your way!

How exciting will you be going to one of those trendy bars we all see on TV?!!!

You can and will do this, I'm sure you'll stroll it!

Best of luck, and have fun!



Come on, lets face it, normal is probaly not an option for any of us pmsl :D:D

Have a great night out. I am sure you will be absolutely fine and have an excellent time.

Sian x


thanks guys!! lets see how this goes...


Hello Ima

Are the bars in the city non-smoking? We have been here for quite awhile. Took all the fun out of going out for drinks. Suppose thats why I don't drink much anymore. Have a spicy ceasar for me with a side of fried pickles and sweet potato fries, ooh and maybe some wings, extra spicy too. Yumm! If I was feeling better, think I would run out tonite too. Wonder how I have gained all this weight?? :eek:

Have fun tonite Ima! :) You have conquered all this far, and I have no doubt that you will continue to do so. :D



Have a great time! :D


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