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First day out with smokers!

I went up to London yesterday for my pals 30th,

I struggled I must say which kind of deflated my good vibes!

My mates all popping out through out the day for sneaky cigs and even though I didn't want to smoke felt pathetically jealous... Will this ever pass?...will I have to find new friends;)haha!

I was bit of a chicken an a party pooper an left b4 they hit the bars, I had my little girl with me ( bit of a godsend safety crutch) I didn't think I would have found it so hard, will I ever be able to go out with out feeling like this!!

Advice and strategies needed! I don't want to be a hermit forever!!!x

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Wooders, your post has the general tone of someone who failed! In fact you succeeded big time. You endured watching your mates go out for smokes all day, and didn't cave in. That's brilliant, very well done.

This kind of situation appears to be a big trigger for you (it was for me too), so what you also achieved is that you started to break that trigger down. It won't be long before you look at your friends, as they go out to smoke, with a feeling of pity for them! And relief that you don't have go out with them any more.

Whether it seems like it now, or not, I think the way you handled your trip to London was a major step forward for you. Excellent! :)


Thankyou all, hell yeah!!! Sorry was being negative you are all right I didn't cave

It will get easier!!! I'm going to get the book!!!

I haven't been on the forum for a few days, just looking at other posts and reading your advice has really helped.

Thankyou so much got me out of the dark place!!!

Congratulations on all your quits, each of you have done fantastically...!


Hi wooders, that sounds like a tough day conquored to me, well done! A tough environment, but now you've done it once and succeeded, you can do this again and again and it's going to get easier each time I'm sure.

Congrats and keep going!


Hi Wooders :)

Am guessing here, but I think you're about my age and you've been smoking about the same amount of time so of course you're going to feel odd on your first day out with smokers!! I did on my first night out after quitting 'cos we've linked smoking, drinking and days/nights out with friends for a long time and being with other smokers is a huge trigger :eek:

But the huge thing is you made it. You didn't smoke and that's fab!! :cool: You had 2 massive triggers to smoke at once and you beat them both!!

Now you say your friends were popping out for a smoke all the day - you know you'd have been matching them fag for fag (we all would pre-quit) but they weren't smoking 'cos it was something lovely and fun, they were going out and shivering in the "leper's corner" because they *had* to. Bet you used to complain about going outside for a smoke - I sure did!! You're free of that, and I bet that you couldn't half smell it on them when they came back!! But you? You smelled of your perfume same as when you left the house, you didn't inhale all that muck and I bet your little girl was so proud of you!!

You deserve a massive well done and you should feel really proud that you're so strong!!

Gemma :)


stay cool

You have just got through what is commonly know as one of the most difficult situations, near alcohol and smokers that are all heading in and out for the fix!



Thanks wise ladies and gents!!

Without this forum and your fabulos selves I don't think I would be on day 25 and 23 hours and 50 minutes;)!!!

I'm 30 in June and have smoked over half my life .... Sooo gross when I think of it like that, my poor lungs!

I def associate smoking with alcohol.... But Saturday was an eye opener. In hind sight yes bit of a wimp but like your kind words said its a triumph! I did it! You guys have done it. We survived!!!

It will get easier but there is no going back! I have given up giving up lots of times. This time feels different, I have hidden my naughty cig smoking from my kids but now there getting older, I want to be a role model, I do not want them to know i waste money on things that will eventually kill me. I want to see them grow up, get married have children and be part of their lives. ... When I think of it like that,that's my incentive!!!


I think you have done really well, don't know if i could trust myself around smokers in a pub situation just yet. Am going out on Friday to a restaurant and am fortunate that none of the girls I am going with smoke.....

well done you x:)


I think you have done really well, don't know if i could trust myself around smokers in a pub situation just yet. Am going out on Friday to a restaurant and am fortunate that none of the girls I am going with smoke.....

well done you x:)

well done wooders another hurdle out of the way :)

Hellerscatch.. dig deep and you will be fine as at least its a restaurant and none of your friends smoke . I have one smoker pal left in my 'going out' crew of 6 and I know she cannot believe I have quit . She is being very supportive but I know she is probably thinking I will fail .... I'm definitely not going to fail the satisfaction will be mine !!

Trust me you will proud to be out and about as a non-smoker

Donna :)


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